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|image = [[File:Game_creator_logo.png|250px]]
|name = Adventure Time Game Creator
|developer = Cartoon Network
|system = Computer}}The '''Adventure Time Game Creator '''is an ''[[Adventure Time]]'' themed game creator on the Cartoon Network website.
Similar to other game creators on Cartoon Network website, a player can either build his/her own game after six steps, or he/she can play other games created by other Cartoon Network users.
At present, you can play as the following characters: [[Finn]], [[Jake]], [[Marceline]], [[Ice King]], [[Flame Princess]], [[Gunter]], [[Princess Bubblegum]], [[BMO]], and [[Lumpy Space Princess]].
'''Finn - '''He throws his golden sword which destroys projectiles and hits enemies. His attack hits only one enemy. He can do a double jump. '''Power Attack:''' Sword Storm
'''Jake - '''His attack with Stretchy Punch. His attack can damage more than one enemy. He can jump multiple times. '''Power Attack:''' Giant Jake
'''Marceline - '''Shoots Sonic Waves with her Ax Bass - '''Power Attack:''' Sonic Cyclone
'''Ice King - '''Shoots ice bergs - '''Power Attack:''' Exploding Snowball
'''Flame Princess - '''Shoots fireballs - '''Power Attack:''' Flamethrower
'''Gunter - '''Equipped with the [[Demonic Wishing Eye]], he will release a green penguin at the target. '''Power Attack: '''Kitten Laser
'''Princess Bubblegum - '''She throws lab flasks. '''Power Attack: '''Peppermint Charge
'''Beemo - '''It pulls out a joystick and whips! '''Power Attack: '''Bouncy Bee
'''Lumpy Space Princess - '''She pulls out a bindle to hit the ground. '''Power Attack:''' Rainbow Spew
==Walls and Floors==
*'''Normal Platform #1:''' Can be walked on but not jumped through.
*'''Normal Platform #2:''' Can be walked on and jumped through.
*'''Cloud:''' Moves horizontally. Place beginning and ending points.
*'''Teleporter:''' Teleports hero to another teleporter.
*'''Ice Platform:''' Will fall after being walked on.
*'''Disappearing Platforms:''' Disappears after few seconds of being walked on.
*'''Gems:''' Can be collected.
*'''Power Attack:''' Gives you a power attack.
*'''Shield:''' Makes you invincible for a short time.
*'''Crate #1:''' Can be pushed or attacked.
*'''Crate #2:''' Can be pushed but not attacked.
*'''Goo Skulls:''' Shoots but can't move.
*'''Ed with flaming sword:''' Shoot and move.
*'''Heat-Seeking Bat Launcher:''' Launch heat-seeking bats that follows the characters.
*'''Ice Beam:''' Shoots Ice Beam in one direction.
*'''Lava:''' Kills hero (except for Flame Princess) when touched.
*'''Enemy Maker:''' Spawns a new enemy. 
*'''Water:''' Hero is able to swim but will die if the hero is underwater for too long; instantly kills Flame Princess (unless a shield has been activated).
==Character Special Abilities==
*'''Finn:''' Destroys projectiles
*'''Jake:''' Multi-jump
*'''Marceline:''' Undetected by homing bats
*'''Ice King:''' Immune to ice beams
*'''Flame Princess:''' Walks on lava, but cannot swim
*'''Gunter:''' Moves quickly
*'''Princess Bubblegum:''' Every third flask explodes
*'''Beemo:''' Can glide in air
*'''Lumpy Space Princess:''' Can float in air
*'''Stockpile:''' Collect a power-up but beat a level without using it. (150 Points)
*'''End Game:''' Build games using all 4 goal types. (150 Points)
*'''Real Power:''' Defeat 5 enemies using a single power-up. (150 Points)
*'''Now You See Me:''' Make a game that only uses disappearing platforms. (150 Points)
*'''Treasure Chests:''' Collect 1,000 gems over multiple games. (200 Points)
*'''Game Time!:''' Make a game. (100 Points)
*'''Real Hero''' - Beat a game with any character. (100 Points)
*'''Death Trap''' - Build a game that uses every hazard. (100 Points)
*'''The Power of Destruction''' - Defeat 100 enemies across multiple games. (150)                                  ​
*'''All the Little People - '''Make a game with Finn, Jake, Ice King, Marceline and FP. (150 Points)
*One of the badge's names is "All the Little People", the name of [[All the Little People|an episode]].
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at_gamecreator_allgametypes.png|END GAME
at_gamecreator_5enemies1powerup_off.png|REAL POWER
at_gamecreator_disappearingplatforms.png|NOW YOU SEE ME
at_gamecreator_1000gems_off.png|TREASURE CHEST
at_gamecreator_submitgame.png|GAME TIME!
at_gamecreator_allhazards.png|DEATH TRAP
At_gamecreator_100enemies.png|THE POWER OF DESTRUCTION
At gamecreator playgame4.png|REAL HERO
at_gamecreator_allcharacters.png|All the Little People
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