The Fuzzy Friends (or Fluffy People) are creatures first seen in the episode "Business Time," where the Business Men captured them and put them in their care sac to prevent them from needing rescuing (hinting that they may easily get into trouble or are targets for carnivores). They resemble Cloud People. The Fuzzy Friends have high, squeaky voices. One of them was squashed by the Business Men with their robot. That particular Fuzzy Friend survived, since it was seen alive after Finn kicked the robot's leg and was seen with the rest of them. During the ending of "Business Time" while the Fuzzy Friends, Finn, and Jake were watching the Business Men leave, a Fuzzy Friend screamed out "PANCAKES!" They later appear in "It Came from the Nightosphere" when they are confronted by Marceline's father. One of them gets its soul sucked out, which scares the other Fuzzy Friends.


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