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"Furniture & Meat" is the eighth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and sixty-forth episode overall.


Finn and Jake cause problems in the Wildberry Kingdom when they decide to spend all their collected treasure and get themselves into more and more problems.


The episode begins with Finn and Jake sleeping on top of the treehouse. They are in a very deep sleep as a fly enters Jake's mouth but he doesn't wake up. Below, BMO is standing on a wall and is seen wearing a hat like Robin Hood. Neptr is also seen near BMO, wearing an English Bobby's helmet, but BMO says that he is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Neptr doesn't want to be the villain, so he says that he should be Robin Hood's friend but BMO takes a marker and draws a beard and mustache on him, and says Robin Hood's friend would never look like that. This makes Neptr angry and he starts to fight with BMO. As they were fighting, the stick on Neptr hits the side of treefort and a lot of gold suddenly engulf them.

This disturbs Jake's sleep and he starts to scold them for breaking the treehouse. BMO says that they have too much money in their house. Both Finn and Jake were puzzled as to the quantity of the money. As they were talking, the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant emerges from the pile of gold and says that he has disobeyed his masters because they told him to stay in the treasure room, and he went outside, and asks for some punishment. Finn says it's okay and no punishment will be given to him, and tells him to just chill out, to which the elephant agrees. Finn asks Jake what should be done with the treasure, and BMO says to give it to Robin Hood, to which Jake disagrees. Finn gets an idea to spend all the treasure, and Neptr tells them a just perfect vacation place, the Wildberry Kingdom. Jake morphs into a truck and puts all of the gold in his carrier and goes for the Wildberry Kingdom with Finn, with BMO and Neptr quietly following.

As they arrive in the kingdom, they see the citizens doing their everyday work. Finn starts to agree it is a nice place and asks to Jake how to spend all this money. Jake says he never spent any money, only he stole or collected money. They both laugh as they approach the middle of the town, where there is a fountain in between. Jake dumps the gold in the fountain and they both start to go to the hoard of money when a Strawberry Guard approaches and shouts that no money or people are allowed in the fountain. Jake apologizes and says he just wanted to spend some money, and tries to give some money to the guard. The guard says their crime of chilling in the water alone is punishable by lashing, and on top of that, they are trying to bribe him. Jake then gives him a crown and the guard is convinced and pardons both of them and leaves.

Finn then calls some Wildberry citizens and calls them to buy some furniture and meat for their fountain home, and to keep the change for themselves. They thank him but say that they are middle class. Jake still persuades them to get it, and the same guard appears and says no furniture or meat in the fountain. Jake tries to bribe him again by giving a diamond and a golden cup, but the strawberry guard says they can't bribe him twice. Jake gives him more treasure and the guard says maybe they can bribe him twice and goes away. As time passes, it is seen that they had brought furniture and meat but still have tons of gold. Jake notices a citizen and gives him some money to do anything, so he starts dancing. Jake is amused by it, and says it to Finn and he is also pleased.

Suddenly, the same guard appears and says no dancing in street, but Jake gives him more treasure and he goes away, while Jake starts to laugh. Jake then realizes people will do anything for money, and says the dancer to dance harder and throws more coins for him, so the citizen dances harder. Jake starts to laugh and Finn is not sure if Jake is doing the right thing or not so he starts to see Jake in a rather confusing way. He got bored and now starts to push this matter even further. He tells the middle class guys to guard the treasure until they come back.

It is now night time and the duo enter a random wildberry citizen's house, where a couple is seen sleeping. Jake clears his throat and the couple turn the light on. They get scared seeing Finn and Jake and shout they are getting robbed, but Finn tells them they are not here to rob, but to give them money. Jake says he would give him a bag of money if they do what he says, so they agree. He tells them to change the sides of the bed where they were sleeping, so they change the sides but the wildberry citizen's wife is angry with it, as her husband sleeps near the wall. Jake then tells the guy to sleep on his back to which he disagrees, so Jake starts to go away taking all the money he was gonna give. They tell him to wait, and says there may be another way to get all the coins. Jake agrees and then tells them they can get all the gold they can eat. The scene changes to the kitchen where they are starting to eat the gold but can't. Jake goes to the toolshed to get them their 'desserts'. Finn apologizes for Jake's way and gives them a bag of gold for free. They start eating those but Finn says they're not to eat. Finn then goes to Jake to see him bringing out some dusty furniture. Jake says to Finn that he will make them wipe the dust off by licking them, but Finn disagrees, and is disappointed. Jake says they are doing themselves and he is not persuading them, so it's okay. Finn then takes the matter to make Jake see the error of his way.

The scene changes and Finn goes to where the middle class berries were guarding the treasure, and asks them to spend all the money and tells him to take him to the poorest area of the kingdom. They take all the money and head for a back alley and see many poor berries sleeping on floor. He wakes the berries and tells that he has money for them and start to attack him. Finn says he is willing to give, just they should not quarrel. One of the berry attacks him and Finn counter-attacks. He beats all the berry and comes out of the alley covered in purple juice.

He starts to catch his breath, and Jake appears and notices Finn. Finn then tells him to start to get rid of all of the money, and so Jake agrees and Jake says he got a plan to spend all the money. They start to go to the Wildberry Castle and on the way many guards appear. Jake each gives them a pouch of money so they all go away. On the elevator, he bribes the guard and says him to go up. In a room, Wildberry Princess in seen on a tub of meat. She hears a loud noise and wakes up only to find the door broken. Jake comes in and says he will give them all money if she let him sit on her head. He takes a small chair and starts to shrink to sit on her and sits. Angered, Wildberry Princess calls the guards and tells them to seize Finn and Jake and also to take all the money.

The scene changes and Finn and Jake are seen tied in public. Wildberry Princess tells them they are being executed because they abused the power of money and will die in their own gold, which is molten now. Finn and Jake see the molten gold pouring towards at them, but its path gets changed to the guard near Wildberry Princess and he gets covered in it and killed. It is seen that BMO is still acting as Robin Hood and deflected the tube with the molten gold with his arrow. He shoots another arrow which was supposed to hit the rope Finn and Jake were tied on but hits Jake instead. Jake takes the arrow and cuts himself and Finn loose. They start to run away on a Jelly Horse Neptr bought and Wildberry Princess decides to officially ban both Finn and Jake from the Wildberry Kingdom forever. She also confirms this by saying that if they ever return, she will double dip them in gold, unless she gets a written apology.

The scene changes to see Finn and Jake nearing their tree fort, and as they go, Finn notices a single gold coin on the ground and picks it up. He tells Jake to write the apology letter, but Jake tells him to write and he will sign the letter. But one thing is for sure, they will never go back to the Wildberry Kingdom ever again. The two go inside the treehouse and all the treasure is not there, as they have spent all of it. Finn tosses the gold coin in the empty area. The episode ends with the gold coin going inside a hole that was in the treehouse's floor. 


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  • This is the first time we see a princess holding out an execution towards Finn and Jake.
    • It's also shown that Wildberry Princess has a large temper and that when she's mad, her face goes bright red.
  • The crown that Jake gives the Strawberry Guard to bribe him somewhat resemble the Crown of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Wildberry Kingdom has had a major renovation and a new look since its last appearance. It is now a city with rivers, restaurants, and more houses.

Episode connections[]

Cultural references[]

  • Throughout the episode, BMO plays the part of Robin Hood, who was well known for stealing tax money from the corrupt government to give it back to the citizens.
    • Neptr likewise is playing the part of Robin Hood's enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham; but is wearing a typical British custodial hat.
  • In the stick fight, BMO cutely responds to Neptr's "En garde!" by exclaiming "On Blitzen!", which is a reference to the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", wherein one of Santa's reindeer is called Blitzen, which means "lightning" in German. "En garde" is a fencing term in French, which means "on your guard".
  • The molten gold death sentence issued by Wildberry Princess is most likely a reference to a scene in Game of Thrones where Khal Drogo pours molten gold over Viserys Targaryen's head. Or it could be a reference to Marcus Licinius Crassus, killed by the Parthians who poured molten gold through his throat.
  • When BMO hits the chute to save Finn and Jake, Jake says "Good shot, BMO"; BMO replies and admits, "I was aiming for the rope." This is most likely a reference to a scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights where Achoo hits the rope to save Robin Hood and Robin Hood tells him, "Nice shooting, Achoo"; Achoo replies and admits, "To tell you the truth, I was aiming for the Hangman."
    • Also what happened in the show was reversed (In whom was captured and what they were aiming at) to what happened in the movie.
  • The Money song that Jake sings sounds very similar to the 1979 Knack one-hit wonder song "My Sharona," because of how Jake says "Mu-mu-mu-money."
  • Throughout the episode, Finn and Jake use numerous words alluding to money like "moolah" and "skrilla."
  • During the scene where Finn and Jake are about to reach the fountain with the Strawberry Guard telling them to stop playing here is exactly the same scene as the first episode of 2013 Mickey Mouse, "No Service", with Mickey and Donald entering the burger shack, but Goofy telling both of them to not enter the shack because of the "no shirt, no shoes, no service", sign.


  • Neptr's face is sometimes positioned on the incorrect side of his body while he and BMO are playing.
  • The Fionna and Cake intro plays instead of the regular one.


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