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The Fruit Witches are characters who inhabit the Flower Path of Joshua's dungeon. They encouraged Finn to eat a piece of fruit, but Jake managed to snatch away the fruit and force feed it to one of the other witches instead. After a bite, the witch was entangled in vines and transformed into a giant apple. As the illusion shattered, the beautiful flower path turned dark: the flowers swirling in the air died and the other witches turned into zombie-like forms, swarmed the witch-apple, tore it apart, and fed the pieces to the black creatures on their heads. The witch-apple made the scene particularly grotesque by having a bone structure revealed as the other witches tore pieces off of it. The two witches then chased Finn and Jake, but were defeated when Jake farted on them, causing them to fall down below.


The Fruit Witches have feminine bodies, greenish skin, cat-like eyes, and black creatures in their hair. They wear white tops and skirts, have long ribbons wrapped around their bodies, and are barefoot. The creatures have red, cross-shaped pupils and teeth all around their mouths.

S3e25 Fruit witch creatures

The creatures that reside on their heads


Although the witches seem calm, serene, and benevolent at first glance, they use seduction to feed on passersby. Because the witches feed the black creatures, it can be inferred that the creatures may control or influence the witches in some way. It is also unknown if the creatures are a natural part of them or even their true forms or a just a small part of them, as the beautiful appearance they take could be a decoy appearance or a massive part of their body that acts as a lure. The witches seem to lack empathy and friendship, as they do not hesitate to feed on a fellow witch when presented with the opportunity.


They can levitate. Once a victim eats their fruit, the Fruit Witches enter a zombie-like state and begin feeding on the victim. Because the Flower Path turns dark and deadly when the witches transform, they may have the power to alter victims' perceptions to create the illusion of a safe environment.


Partake of the fruit!

The fruit!


  • As the witches feed, disheveled bones can be seen inside the flesh of the apple.
  • The witch with brown hair seems to have longer hair in the actual episode than in the production image.
  • In Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! the Fruit Witches' attack shriek is the loudest sound effect in the game.
  • They may or may not be based on the futakuchi-onna as they share some similarities with the creature but it may or may not be intentional.
  • On their respective model sheets the one with the blue ribbons is referred to as “Fruit Witch #1”, the one with the yellow ribbons is referred to as “Fruit Witch 2” and the one with the pink ribbons is referred to as “Fruit Witch #3.”
  • It is a common trope for witches to come in a trio/group of three or be associated with the number 3 in some way in fiction.



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