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"Fruit Salad Days" is the 7-page bonus story in Issue 3 of "Marceline and the Scream Queens." The story was written and illustrated by indie comic artist Liz Prince, and stars the Earl of Lemongrab.


A day in the unacceptable (and sometimes highly acceptable) life of the extremely eccentric Earl of Lemongrab.


The Earl of Lemongrab is startled awake by his alarm clock, which he immediately punches and breaks. Peppermint Butler presents the nervous earl with his breakfast and the day's paper. Lemongrab reacts distastefully to "The Scream Queens's" stellar reviews, and then complains when he burns his mouth on his coffee. In the middle of scolding Peppermint Butler for not polishing his boots well enough, Lemongrab hears the familiar tune of an ice cream truck, bursts into a jovial grin, and immediately runs away mid-sentence to have a sweet snack. He impatiently waits behind a line of people, including the self-conscious Lumpy Space Princess, and is angered when he is accidentally given a sour grape instead of a cherry. After declaring "EVERYTHING IS UNACCEPTABLE TODAY!" Lemongrab fretfully checks his watch and notices that he is running late to an unmentioned event, and rides off quickly on Lemon Camel's back. On the way, Lemongrab yells at some snails slowly crossing the street, demolishes Finn and Jake's lemonade stand, and pours Starchie's lemonade onto the ground. Finn and Jake briefly remark to themselves that Lemongrab needs therapy and a healthy outlet for his anger. Lemongrab runs screaming into the entrance of "CBJUJUB: OMGLOB," (A parody of the infamous punk rock club "CBGB,") and rushes to a stage occupied by an impatient Ash on guitar, Tiffany on bass, and Muscle Princess on drums, who reprimand the earl for being late. Lemongrab screams, "WE ARE UNACCEPTABLE! LET'S ROCK!," and strips off the top of his outfit, to reveal a tattered white tanktop embellished with a black anarchy symbol. The crowd goes wild for "Unacceptable"'s enthusiastic performance, which includes such garbled, eccentric songs such as the Gimme Gimme Gimme! Song." The scene ends with Lemongrab crowd-surfing, and cuts to a scene of the next day, in Peppermint Butler wakes up Lemongrab and presents him with his breakfast and paper. Lemongrab excitedly reads the positive review of his band, and beams. He takes a sip of his coffee, and spits it out, yelling "ACK, TOO COLD! UNACCEPTABLE!"


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  • In the comic, Lemongrab is shown to be the singer and songwriter in a punk rock band called "Unacceptable." The name comes from Lemongrab's favorite word to say. The "a" in the logo of the band is the anarchy symbol, and is also the logo itself.
  • The club at which "Unacceptable" performs is a parody of the infamous punk rock club CBGB OMFUG, which was located in New York City, and launched the careers of several prolific punk rock and alternative artists. The name is an acronym for "Country Blue-Grass Blues" and "Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers." A "gormandizer" is a voracious consumer of something- in this case music.
  • Lemongrab's stage persona appears to be an homage to Johnny Rotten, the lead singer/songwriter of the punk rock band "The Sex Pistols," mimicking Rotten's unique angry persona and style of dress.
  • Before performing, Lemongrab rips open his shirt. This could be an homage to Henry Rollins, the frontman of the punk rock band "Black Flag," who was known to perform shirtless or in tanktops.
  • Lemongrab is shown to sleep with a small, brown teddy bear.
  • Upon seeing a lemonade stand, Lemongrab becomes bewildered and enraged, and promptly destroys it. He apparently expresses an adverse attitude on the consumption of food or drink that taste like himself.
  • The logo of Lemongrab's band, "Unacceptable," includes the symbol for anarchy in the name, and is present on the earl's shirt and the bass drum. Anarchy is a political system whose defining characteristics include the abolition of laws, abolition of the class system, a lack of a formal leader, and a shared wealth. Lemongrab seems opposed to all of these things, but apparently uses punk rock (which frequently utilizes incomprehensible screaming and gibberish) as an outlet for his anger.
  • The name of the comic is a reference to punk rock band Minor Threat's song and final EP, "Salad Days."
  • The "I wanted cherry but I got sour grape" and "EVERYTHING IS UNACCEPTABLE TODAY!" lines are references to two songs by The Descendants, a punk rock band.


  • In the comic, Lemongrab is shown to have no problem reading a newspaper that has small print. In "Too Young," however, Lemongrab has immense difficulty reading even the most extremely large of texts. This may be because his eyesight improved somehow, or simply because the author didn't think about it.
  • Peppermint Butler is shown to live with Lemongrab. The earl of Lemongrab returned home after Princess Bubblegum reclaimed the throne in "Too Young," and Peppermint Butler only served Lemongrab while the earl lived in the Candy Castle. This may be merely a creative liberty.
  • According to an unused storyboard from "Too Young," Lemongrab detests any foods that are not extremely mild and tasteless. In this comic, however, he has no problem with eating toast and cherry popsicles, and drinking coffee.
  • Lemongrab apparently hates being touched, but in the comic, he is content to crowd-surf and be touched by several different people in various places. This may be a creative, comedic liberty.