Frosty Fight is an Adventure Time game where the player controls Finn and collect orbs to free princesses from the Ice King. There are 20 princesses you must save.


Play as Finn and travel to the Ice Kingdom to rescue 20 princesses from the clutches of the Ice King. Jump across icy platforms and collect power orbs to charge your Lightning Sword. Once charged, destroy the icy prisons trapping all the princesses. There are 20 princesses to rescue, including Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Cookie.


The gameplay is similar to that of Q*Bert. The player controls Finn on a board made of ice using the arrow keys. Finn has to avoid obstacles and collect every orb in a level to free another princess. Ice King and Gunter hop around and can shove Finn into the water, forcing the player to restart the level. Some ice blocks break upon standing on them for too long.



  • Four princesses are misnamed: Mini Queen is named Mini Princess, Space Angel Princess is named Alien Princess, Gridface Princess was named Orange Princess, and Princess Beautiful is named Beautiful Princess.
    • However, one of Gridface Princess' previous names was Orange Princess. This game may have been made before her official name was decided.
  • In the level, Princess Beautiful is replaced with Skeleton Princess. In her level select thumbnail, she is still Princess Beautiful.

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