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Frogs are a kind of animal that can be found in the real world. Many different frogs of all shapes, personalities, and colors can be found throughout the Adventure Time series.

List of minor frogs[]

Image Name Basic Description
Dancing Frog This Dancing Frog can be seen dancing with one of Jake's pups in the episode, "Jake The Dad."
Digital Flies 2
Digital Frog The Digital Frog is a character from one of Ice King's video games.
Cyclopes Frog
Cyclopes Frog The Cyclopes Frog is a frog that hopped into the Red Cyclops's severed head and made it their home. He appeared in the episode, "Loyalty to the King."
Frog Twins The Frog Twins were a pair of tenants for the Tree Fort in the episode, "Ocarina". They appear to be two, identical wizard frogs with blue wizard hats.
Frog Guards Frog Guards are both the citizens and the guardians of the Pond Kingdom that appear in the episode "Frog Seasons: Spring". Their job is to guard the king. The Frog Guards appear to be Frog on their hein legs with red hats.
Tadpoles Tadpoles are the unseen citizens of the Pond Kingdom. They are mentioned in the episode "Frog Seasons: Spring". They surround the castle in the middle of the pond. Finn mentioned that he could feel them swimming across his feet.


  • Toads and Frogs throughout the series are very hard to distinguish, unlike in real life.