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Frogs are a kind of animal that can be found in the real world. Many different frogs of all shapes, personalities, and colors can be found throughout the Adventure Time series.

Notable Frogs

Other Frogs

Image Name Basic Description
Ordinary Green Frog This Ordinary Green Frog can be seen in the episode, "The Hall of Egress," when Finn began to be able to see through the earth.
Dancing Frog This Dancing Frog can be seen dancing with one of Jake's pups in the episode, "Jake The Dad."
Baby Frogs The Baby Frogs are a group of small, greenish baby frogs that can be seen hopping out of Hole Frog's back holes in the episode, "Five More Short Graybles."
Digital Flies 2.jpg
Digital Frog The Digital Frog is a character from one of Ice King's video games.
Picnic Frog.jpg
Picnic Frog The Picnic Frog is a frog that falls out of a flask after Finn and Jake interrupt Ice King's in the episode, "The Eyes."
Cyclopes Frog.jpg
Cyclopes Frog The Cyclopes Frog is a frog that hopped into the Red Cyclops's severed head and made it their home. He appeared in the episode, "Loyalty to the King."
Forest Inhabitant Frogs The Forest Inhabitant Frogs are a pair of frogs that appear in the episode, "Storytelling," among other inhabitants.


  • Toads and Frogs throughout the series are very hard to distinguish, unlike in real life.