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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Frog Seasons: Winter" from season 7 (shorts), which aired on April 23, 2016.

This transcript is complete.


[The Frog Carrying Crown is walking on the snow, being closely followed by a panting Finn and Jake. Jake is wearing a black bowler hat, and using his skin as a blanket. The screen rotates to show that they are climbing up a steep snowy mountain.]
Jake: [shivers] How long are we gonna follow this frog?
Finn: I just want to see him put on that crown.
Jake: Okay, but why though?
Finn: Why, what?
Jake: Frog with crown. Frog with no crown. What does it matter? Life is short, man.
Finn: It's important to finish what you start. That's what matters.
Jake: Pssshh psshh psshh psshh psshh!
Finn: Do it for my peace of mind, then. My mind peace.
Jake: No peace.
Ice King: SNOW PEACE! [the Ice King is using ice magic, about to freeze Finn and Jake] For intruders in my Ice Kingdom! Psych! [stops using ice magic] It's your buddy the Ice King. [flies closer to Finn and Jake] Hey, watcha' doing? Following frogs? Cool, cool. Yeah, following frogs is, like, one of my top 20 favorite pastimes. I follow frogs, dogs, pollywogs, hedgehogs, nyogs. What else do I follow? Hold on.
Finn: Jeez, do I sound like that?
Ice King: Clogs, blogs, krav maga, aaaaaaannndd... princesses. [laughs] Pretty cool, huh?
Finn: [looking back at the Tree Fort, Grass Lands, and the Candy Kingdom] Okay, Jake. Let's bail.
Jake: Yeah!
[Jake throws his hat in the air, and they walk away, as the frog continues to walk uphill.]
Ice King: Guys, what about the little froggy?
[The frog bounces down the hill and lands on Jake's hat, which is now on the ground.]
Ice King: Wha- oooh!
[The frog puts on the crown, disappears into Jake's hat, and the hat morphs into Life. She pours yellow liquid out of her hands, and the patch of the snow she was standing on is turned into grass and flowers. The snow on the ride side of the mountain melts down, so the Life is now standing on the peak. Life then melts all of the snow on the mountain, making it completely green. Ice King is surrounded by butterflies, and staring in awe at Life. Life waves at him, and disappears.]
Ice King: Golly!

Minisode Ends