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"Frog Seasons: Summer" is the second short episode that is part of the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the second short of the short series Frog Seasons.


Finn and Jake stalk a frog to see what happens when he puts on his crown.


Finn and Jake, still curious about the frog and the crown, follow him through the desert. They are eventually spotted by the Water Nymphs, who offer the duo a chance to hang out with them in the river they are tubing down. The duo declines and chooses to continue following the frog, so the Water Nymphs wish them luck before floating away. After a while, Jake wonders why they haven't just taken the crown and put it on the frog themselves and Finn responds by saying that he thought about this too, but prefers to let the frog put the crown on himself, and that it'd probably be bad if they force him to put it on. After a little longer, Jake angrily takes the crown and puts it on the frog's head. When he triumphantly exclaims that they can finally go home, the frog starts to shake, as the two watch him closely. Because Jake forced the crown onto the frog, instead of letting him be, he turns into a giant, monstrous form of himself and eats the du

o. Inside of the frog's stomach, Jake admits that he was wrong in forcing the frog to wear the crown, but then justifies his actions because the frog's stomach is cooler than the outside weather. Frustrated, Finn sinks into the frog's stomach acid.

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