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"Frog Seasons: Spring (Again)" is the fifth short episode that is a part of seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the fifth short of the shorts series Frog Seasons.


Finn and Jake follow a frog carrying a crown across the four seasons.


The short begins with a view of the mountain that was melted by Life in "Frog Seasons: Winter," shifting down to Finn riding on Jake, who is morphed into a boat, flowing down a river. Finn is telling Jake about an interaction he had in the woods with Lumpy Space Princess. Jake accidentally bumps into Breezy, and she tells them that she is panning for gold for her friend Honey Man. Breezy ask the two if they would like to join, which they enthusiastically agree to.

While Finn and Jake make puns about gold panning, Breezy walks to Honey Man and gives him the gold she collected, along with Finn and Jake donating their findings as well. Honey Man drops the gold into his hive on the top of his head, and starts to dance.

Honey Man continues to dance splashing his surroundings with honey, until he regurgitates the crown Frog Carrying Crown possesses. Finn and Jake comment on the crown, and then the aforementioned frog retrieves the crown walking off. Finn suggests they follow the frog, and then speculate what would happen when the frog puts in on. The short ends with droplets of honey landing on a flower, causing it to instantly bloom.


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  • This is the final short.
  • This is the only short of Frog Seasons to not begin with Finn and Jake following Frog Carrying Crown, instead it ends with this.

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Production notes[]

  • This episode was supposed to be released on April 30, 2016, but instead it got pushed back to September 2, in the same year.
  • This short was first released online by Cartoon Network Africa.