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"Frog Seasons: Spring" is the first short episode that is part of the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the first short of the short series Frog Seasons.


Finn and Jake stalk a frog to see what happens when it puts on its crown.


FS e1 F & J stalk a Frog

The short starts off during Spring through a forest where a Frog Carrying a Crown is being stalked by Finn and Jake. They're curious to see what happens when it puts on its crown. They soon bump into Breezy who introduces them to her baby bees. Finn and Jake say that they really want to follow the frog and politely leave to catch up with the frog who has entered its Water Lily Pad Castle. They wade through the lake and notice that the door of the castle is open.

FS e1 F & J captured

They crawl through the narrow hallway and find the frog's room where the frog dresses up into fancy clothes. Jake grows impatient and tries to leave when the frog takes its time, Finn calls him back to tell that the frog has almost put its crown on its head when suddenly, a group of royal frog guards capture and pull them out. Viewers are left to see Finn screaming away while the frog guards pull him away while we see the Frog slowly put on the crown and the episode ends with a bright flash.


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  • The Crown Carrying Frog has 4 fingers, but his gloves have 5 fingers. (seen at 01:28)

Episode connections[]

  • The Frog Carrying Crown and Breezy both return. The former has not been seen since "The Witch's Garden".
  • Finn and Breezy are shown to be on good terms, hinting they have worked things out since "Breezy".
  • Interestingly, despite the fact that Finn was willing to kiss a frog in "The Hard Easy," Finn does not want to kiss the frog carrying crown.

Cultural references[]

  • The "sweet water lilypad castle" looks exactly like The Home of the Empress at the top of The Ivory Tower from The Neverending Story.



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