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"Frog Seasons: Autumn" is the third short episode that is part of the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the third short of the short series Frog Seasons.


Finn and Jake stalk a frog to see what happens when it puts on its crown.


FS e3 Ragged with bird

In the middle of a field, Raggedy Princess tries to convince a bird that she's not a scary scarecrow, but actually a non-scaring scarecrow with a poem. She begins reciting the poem to the bird, but it flies away before she can finish. Along comes the Frog carrying a crown walking by, and she begins to recite her poem once again to him, albeit in double time, but the Frog simply walks straight past her without listening. Finally, she soon spots Finn and Jake on the Frog's trail and asks if they just heard her poem, but they dismiss her, saying that they're too busy following the frog to talk. Shortly after they leave, she comes to a self-realisation that all good poets need no audience and begins reciting her poem once more (at a normal speed) as the scene fades out.

FS e3 Jake crown

Finn and Jake continue to follow the frog until it stops at a swampy, muddy area where it tries to put on its crown. The wind blows the crown off the frog's hands and Jake catches it. Jake puts on the crown and notices that he attracts other Frogs in that area. The other Frogs see him as their king, and Jake refuses to give back the crown to the Frog, being lifted away by the frog crowd. This angers and eventually upsets the Frog, and it begins silently crying. At the treehouse, BMO is surprised when sees Finn hanging out with the frog.


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  • Raggedy Princess does poetry.



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