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This article is about the frog from "Trouble in Lumpy Space." You may be looking for the Crown Frog or Toad.

Frog makes its appearance in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." Along with a mushroom, the frog is a portal to Lumpy Space. The password for entry to Lumpy Space (at least for Lumpy Space Princess) is "Whatevers2009."[1] Lumpy Space Princess, Finn, and Jake traveled there to find the cure for the lumps after Jake was infected. Frog was originally apprehensive of letting "non-lumpers" into Lumpy Space; he asks Lumpy Space Princess if her dad would allow her to bring Finn and Jake.

A frog with the same appearance made a very brief appearance in "The Monster." It can be seen in the field when Lumpy Space Princess first enters the village and scares its inhabitants.

A frog with different coloring appears as an actor used in one of the movies made in "Video Makers."

A gender-swapped version of the frog is seen in "The Prince Who Wanted Everything".  Lumpy Space Prince falls off a land lump and into the emptiness of Lumpy Space, and falls into the portal.  He exits out of the frog's mouth and enters Aaa.

A frog with the same transportational purpose is seen in the online game, FusionFall. It can be seen in several locations offering warp services between different areas of the world.


Frog looks mostly like a normal frog. He has yellow eyes with dark yellow pupils shaped like plus signs.


Ribbit. Password, please.

Good day, Princess. Is your father okay with you entering Lumpy Space with two... non-lumpers?



  • The password to get into Lumpy Space was the answer to one of Gaia Online's ten trivia contests to answer to try to win a first season DVD set.
  • He is described as a "toad" in the commercials for the "My Two Favorite People" DVD.