"Fresh Potatoes" is a song featured in "BMO" from Adventure Time: Distant Lands.


Some people say that space is lonely
Silent, empty, sparkling, and immense
With wide-open spaces put smiles on cowboy faces
Even when they're stuck inside their tents
I've got my mission to distract me
From friendly folks I had to leave back home
And I've got my potatoes, more exciting than tornadoes
Potatoes, Potatoes, buy my fresh potatoes
Terraforming Martian soil
Just put 'em in a pot to boil
I have left my dream of grand adventure
For the quiet of my Martian 'tater farm
And if you hear me snoring
That's just because it's boring

In adventure time distant lands, BMO sings "Fresh Potatoes". He or she sings the song at the very beginning of the episode. Season 1, episode 2.

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