Freezer Burn Flu is a sickness seen in "What Have You Done?" caused by the Ice King when he flew over the Candy Kingdom. He rubbed his beard and then flaked snow (possibly dandruff) falls, in an attempt to show off to Princess Bubblegum.

It seems that the people who get it experience a cold and/or light coughing. However, it also appears to make people very weak; none of the infected Candy People move much. The flakes cause an ice-like substance to spread over the infected person's body. The ice starts small but grows to cover a large part of the infected person's body. It can apparently grow between people through contact, making it a highly contagious illness.

The only cure for Freezer Burn Flu are howls of pain from the Ice King himself, as was discovered by Princess Bubblegum in a medical book.


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  • This may be a parody of Swine Flu or the Black Death.
  • It is also seen in the online game Rhythm Heroes.
  • It is strange that Grape Popsicle Guy would be negatively affected by this disease as he is a popsicle.


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