"Adventure Time Free Comic Book Day" is a special issue of the Adventure Time comic, which was available on Free Comic Book Day, on May 5th, 2012.[1] It includes an original story and the stories Laundromarceline and Bacon Fields which were originally published in issues 2 and 3 respectively.


The events of this issue take place 1 day before the events following the "5 Days Later" cut in Issue 1. BMO wants to be the best at fights, and so Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum share their fighting secrets. Then, BMO teaches them something about fighting too! Meanwhile, the Lich has reawakened and begun his plans to destroy Ooo, as seen in Issue 1.

Backup Stories

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Major Characters


Comic Book Pages and Panels


  • Unlike other issues, this one has only one cover art and it is reused from Issue 1 Cover A. The only change is that this issue's cover has the words "FREE COMIC BOOK DAY" at the bottom.


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