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Founder's Island is the main island in the archipelago, the others being Hub Island, Back-To-Nature Island, and Better Reality Island. It was seen in the episodes "Helpers" and "The Light Cloud".


Due to the presence of Vampires, Rainicorns, Oozers, and something else that was unnamed, Two Bread Tom lead a small group of humans across the ocean to reach the Islands. Once they arrived at the Island, they began to build a small settlement. As seen in the Islands comic book, the youngest member of the group, Jo, got lost in the jungle. This caused Two Bread Tom to create a robot whose purpose was to keep people on the island. This robot slowly evolved into the Guardian, a violent machine that destroys any boats being used to escape. Jo and several other hiders disagreed with his plan to completely seal off the island, so they split from the main group and became the first hiders. Many generations after colonizing Founder's Island, the human race continued to exist a thousand years later but had not ventured beyond the islands. They developed their technology to beyond pre-war levels, reinventing cars, robotics, advanced healthcare, virtual reality, and much more. They also colonized two other islands in the chain: Hub Island, and the unnamed Better Reality Island, where humans could retreat into a virtual world.

Dr. Gross accidentally released a deadly virus on Hub Island by a Rat-reptile. 62% of the population died from it, including nearly 100% of the helpers who were regularly exposed to the disease. Minerva Campbell (who was possibly the last helper) gave up on resisting the disease in her body and uploaded her consciousness to the web, becoming an A.I. With this, she had the power to be hundred of helpers in robotic bodies. Through quarantine and treatment, she saved the remaining humans on the island. The survivors were quarantined on Founders' Island and Dr. Gross fled the islands in her mobile laboratory.

After the events in the Islands Miniseries, people are allowed to leave the Island, and the Guardian is de-activated. In "Come Along With Me," we see that Minerva and the Humans arrive back at Ooo.

Some years later, a new floating city was built, allowing its citizens to visit Ooo with ease.


The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

In the Season 11 comic book, a Minerva-bot, some of the humans, and Malloy create Humantown, after they arrived in Ooo.


By the time of the events in the Islands miniseries, Founders' Island is controlled by Minerva Campbell, who, giving up on resisting Dr. Gross's deadly virus that wiped out a vast majority of the population, uploaded her consciousness to the web, becoming an A.I, having the power to be hundred of Helpers in robotic bodies. Therefore, being the only Helper left, Minerva resumed control of Founders' Island under Dictatorship-like authority through the use of Minerva Bots stationed Island-wide.


  • The stores on the island have Swedish titles, but humans there speak English.
  • Many of the humans wear hats, much like Finn and the Hyoomans.
    • However, the majority of these hats are not animal shaped.
  • The humans that live on this Island are unfamiliar to magic. When they see something that doesn't make sense (ex. Jake stretching into a rocket ship), they report it to a Minerva Bot.