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TopicLast EditLast Author
Finally Changing Up The MoS.15:32, April 30, 2016LoLuX12
Finn's relationships (Flame Princess)10:40, April 15, 20161st Prince of Winds
Alleviating Chat Cursing rules23:04, July 12, 2015Giaria
New Home Page Appearance05:54, March 14, 2015Omega Clone
Punctuation15:11, January 26, 2015Bunai Di
IRC Proposal Redux05:42, January 21, 2015Gameuser10
Adding a main page slider19:35, November 16, 2014Giaria
New PlacesNav Template13:26, August 20, 2014Felinoel
MoS Additions05:59, August 19, 2014Alysdexia
Party With The Chief (and other songs/music/little diddies)22:55, June 16, 2014Bunai Di
A category for Guest Director / Animator episodes?06:01, June 13, 2014Bunai Di
Recent promotion00:57, May 28, 2014Tavisource
Public Opinion time23:09, May 2, 2014Lil Jon, the crunk god
Voting threads are currently on hiatus03:54, May 2, 2014Felinoel
Message walls20:38, April 30, 2014Lil Jon, the crunk god
Yet another demotion request12:32, April 30, 2014Fioleeflights
User rights management15:41, April 29, 2014Venxm
Giving our founder back his Founder tag15:39, April 29, 2014Venxm
Allowing some blog links in chat23:28, April 28, 2014Venxm
Bomba is just bomb05:28, April 28, 2014Felinoel
Forum duration19:54, April 27, 2014Incendiary Blossom
Updating the AT wiki logo03:14, April 25, 2014Felinoel
Underage users01:43, April 18, 2014Felinoel
Inactive mods12:56, March 7, 2014M0T0RB1K3
Checkuser nominations00:39, March 4, 2014Yuzura
What is a Song? Part Two23:55, February 5, 2014Flambo the Epic Epic(;
Badges19:40, December 28, 2013Bellamybug
Card Wars Pages19:13, October 17, 2013Flambo the Epic Epic(;
New rule for Featured voting, previous nominee limitations12:51, October 16, 2013Felinoel
Infobox images change thread23:49, October 13, 2013Bellamybug
Edit and edit source mode13:14, October 12, 2013Flambo the Epic Epic(;
Allowing admins to flag themselves04:33, September 29, 2013Lady Shoko
Testing Darwin00:56, September 23, 2013Lady Shoko
Rape jokes21:04, September 21, 2013Lady Shoko
Revision Delete08:27, September 1, 2013ADarkSide0125
Chat emoticons16:58, August 9, 2013Felinoel
The Ooo Review annual Adventure Time Wikia newsletter10:53, July 25, 2013TheMostBoringManInTheWorld
The new rules12:55, April 30, 2013TheMostBoringManInTheWorld
Gender/Sex10:00, April 8, 2013BoxxyBot
More Featureds?09:47, April 8, 2013BoxxyBot
Checkuser rights23:55, March 29, 2013Flame Prince Finn
Articles headed by quotes16:12, January 2, 2013Felinoel
Editing User Pages18:58, December 21, 2012Felinoel
Deletion of Appearance sections07:36, November 19, 2012Chubzhac
Music lyrics format05:46, November 4, 2012Randomtoon4ever
Formspring references22:00, November 3, 2012RootSword
Message Walls vs Talk Pages05:21, November 1, 2012Lailokentheyeti
Remove visual based editing16:29, September 14, 2012Alchemical
New character categories02:02, August 17, 2012Alchemical
Caption Crunch, Hurt and Heal16:02, August 5, 2012Webkinz Mania
Merge promo pages21:39, July 26, 2012Chubzhac
Marceline's basses to Marceline's instruments12:34, May 30, 2012Felinoel
What is a Song?16:17, May 9, 2012Felinoel
Featured Voting14:01, May 2, 2012Felinoel
Should we remove the diseases category?14:00, May 2, 2012Felinoel
Wiki Ideas14:00, May 2, 2012Felinoel
Message Walls13:59, May 2, 2012Felinoel
Featured Articles13:59, May 2, 2012Felinoel
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