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Discussions has been live for several months now - both in your community app and as a web version, and a lot of Adventure Time fans are having fun there, talking about the show. If you haven’t already, check out the conversations, and let us know your thoughts on Discussions so far!

New moderation features

As promised in my last update, we’ve added further options to make Discussions easier to moderate. Regular users can now report a post or a reply as inappropriate. Admins and mods can choose to only see reported content, which should make moderation faster (currently only available on the desktop and mobile web version).

These new additions will make it much easier for your community to enforce the rules in Discussions, because you no longer have to read through all content to find the (so far very few) bad posts.

Users now also have the option to view all posts by a user in one handy list, while admins and mods can even delete all posts by a user in one go. Note: You’ll need to update your app to the latest version, if you want to see these new features there. On desktop, you can of course just head over to Discussions, where this has already been available for a little while. Very soon, it’ll be possible to lock conversations and to stop users from posting further replies, too.

Use Discussions to Grow your Community

We’ve seen a lot of new users sign up through your community app, just so they can use Discussions. This gives you access to many potential new editors to the wikia, and a new place where you can share news, theories, and ideas on your favorite series with others.

Many Discussions users might not even know they can come to the wikia and contribute article content, but you can give them a good impression of your community. Start new conversations, point out where users can find (and add) information on the wikia, show them what your community cares about - and of course make sure everyone plays nice and feels welcome! That way, you can turn active Discussions users into great new editors and valuable community members.

Becoming a moderator

The community’s admins can promote users to Discussions Moderator, which will let you delete and undelete posts and replies, and lets you see and respond to inappropriate content reports. If you’re not a moderator yet but would like to help out with Discussions, let the admins know!

Questions? There’s a Discussions help page

You’ll find a guide on everything you can do with discussions at Help:Discussions. And of course you can share any questions, concerns, and ideas you have with me here!

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