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The Forest Cyclops is a character who first appears in "Another Way." His tears can heal any injury and even bring inanimate objects such as a Ham Sandwich to life. The Enchiridion says that he lives in the Forest of Trees, which seems to be the pine forests to the northeast of the Grass Lands. His head continues to live even while separated from his body. Due to the Enchiridion having been found by Simon Petrikov before the Mushroom War, and it having a chapter about the Forest Cyclops, it is possible that the cyclops existed before the war.


The Forest Cyclops is a large brown-colored cyclops with grass growing out of his skin and pine trees growing out of his arms and back. One of his legs is a large log and the other is made up of thick vines. Before revealing himself, he looked like an ordinary cliff and blended in with the forest perfectly. His eye has a peanut-shaped pupil like that of an octopus. His size and shape are reminiscent of the Iceclops's.

The Forest Cyclops has a small deer on his shoulder; aside from antlers it has no features.


He has a surly and confrontational disposition, going out of his way to confront Finn and insisting that he is after his magical tears. He attacks Finn and demands that he "beg for mercy, or else [he]'ll kill [him]." He repeatedly claims that he never cries, has a heart of stone, and is evil, but then cries for the rest of his encounter with Finn after being punched in the eyeball. It is stated in the Enchiridion that Forest Cyclopes have "pretty bad emotional problems" and that they cry a lot, so it is likely that his aggressive behavior is a false front.


  • The Cyclops tears are made of a combination of Echinacea, chicken soup, toad potion, apple juice, celery soda, ginseng, and marshmallow mould.
  • In the Enchiridion, the Cyclops's pupil was blue, but when Finn met him, his pupil was dark-green.