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Football is BMO's second personality. She is BMO's reflection, and exists wherever BMO has a reflection. Throughout her appearances, BMO teaches her what it's like to be alive.


Football first appears in the episode "Five Short Graybles", wherein she introduces herself to BMO in the mirror in the Tree House's bathroom. She then asks BMO to show her what it's like to be alive, which BMO happily agrees to, showing her how to use a toothbrush, how to use soap, and what it's like to pee.

In the episode "Five More Short Graybles", BMO reveals that Football has come a long way through his teachings, but still has so much to learn. BMO then proceeds to teach her about kitchen appliances and how to position her pinky.

In the episode "Football", she keeps saying how much she loves BMO, then reveals to him that she wishes that she could be in the real world. They then proceed to switch places and Football is able to experience the realness of the world. After she realizes how good it is in the real world, and how lonely it is in the mirror, so she tries to steal BMO's body. At the end of the episode, after being haunted by the reflection of BMO, Football falls into the water and realizes how much she likes living in the reflection of the lake. Before BMO returns to land, Football tells him that she still loves him and hopes that he will continue to visit.

Football makes an appearance in "Adventure Time: Distant Lands" in the episode "BMO" where she plays the role of BMO's companion whenever BMO looks into a reflection.

Episode Appearances[]

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Minor Appearances[]


  • "Orb" (mentioned in dream)
  • "Jerry" (mentioned)


Football appears to look exactly like BMO except in reflection form. In addition, she is mostly left-handed while BMO is mostly right-handed.


Football is the personified reflection of BMO, and as such, she reflects similar personality traits to that of BMO. Football is a curious and happy person who is always eager to learn what it's like to be alive. She also has lots of love for BMO, as seen in the episode "Football" where the two exchanged many "I love you" remarks in the bathroom.

Also in the episode "Football", it was revealed that Football's desire to live in BMO's world can sometimes become stronger than her love for BMO. This was demonstrated when she locked BMO in the reflection world and attempted to smash any reflection with BMO inside of it. By the end of the episode, the two reconciled with each other, and Football allowed BMO to return to the real world.


Oh, that sounds wonderful BMO! Will you teach me about being alive?

—"Five More Short Graybles"

But, I don't understand BMO, I'm a real baby girl now! I can smell the wettest lilac, I can hear the screaming Squirrels, screaming for nuts! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's true!

—"Five More Short Graybles"

I'm not going back, BMO. I'm staying on this side, forever.



  • While Football is seen as a separate being by BMO, she is generally treated by Finn and Jake as a figment of BMO's imagination. Furthermore, the extent to which she exists is never directly addressed.
  • In the episode "Football", she is seen attempting to fix her appearance after noticing Finn, which could imply that she has a crush on him.
  • In the episode "Football", Jake asks if BMO is Football's "lil’ Papa," to which she giggles and bounces around.
  • In the episode "Football", she reveals that life behind the mirror is "cold, empty...[and] lonely."
  • While she was formally introduced in "Five Short Graybles", her appearance in "BMO" shows that she existed before the events of Adventure Time.