The Food Boys are food people who appear in the Adventure Time episode "Walnuts & Rain." They are the royal servants of King Huge and march around the Huge Kingdom preparing and serving various foods.  

In the DLC of the game Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations, they are revealed to be Wildberry People cursed by a magic bucket that belonged to the late Billy.  

In the episode "Walnuts & Rain," the Food Boys serve Finn and Huge King in the kingdom. When Finn tried to leave, the Huge King ordered them to seize Finn and they capture Finn and tie him up with spaghetti. They also try to chase after Finn when he later escapes. One of the Food Boys have also been wedged into Huge King's clock by accident (according to Huge King's story).


The Food Boys are all made out of foods. They have a raw steak for heads, a watermelon torso, sort of long beans for legs and peach colored arms. They are shorter than average characters. 


The Food Boys are very loyal to the Huge King and will do whatever he says. They can be aggressive as seen in the episode "Walnuts & Rain" where they chased and captured Finn. They are also gullible as Finn manage to lure them into untying him by offering them clean jokes.


  • According to the game Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations, the Food Boys are actually Wildberry People that were transformed by consuming cursed meat. However this is probably not true in the series' canon.


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