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The Flying Lettuce Brothers are two characters that appeared together in "One Last Job." Their ability to perfectly impersonate voices is valuable to the gang they are a part of, and they use their talent to steal money and perform other crimes. Though they are two separate people, they constantly act in unison and sometimes seem to be part of one being.


In the secret tape sent to Jake, the narrator describes the Flying Lettuce Brothers as "notorious con-man impressionists." They have the ability to perfectly imitate voices after hearing a small amount of dialogue as a sample. They are seen using their talent to trick a Squeeze-E-Mart employee over a telephone in "One Last Job." This ability also enables them to play a mandatory part in the raid that later takes place: they replicate the Banana Guard Private's voice, then speak over an intercom in the voice of the Banana Guard Captain, luring the rest of the guards outside so that the rest of the gang can break into the safe.They align themselves face-to-face, creating an oval-like shape that resembles a banana guard, as they learn to correctly imitate the banana guards' leader's voice.

It is later revealed in the episode that they can replicate Jake Jr.'s voice as well, as they tricked Jake into giving Gareth the Baker's Shard.

They always speak together nearly in unison, which suggests they might have some kind of mental or psychic connection, or might know each other well enough to always know what the other is about to say. The only time they speak completely in unison is when they are imitating a voice, at which time their voices sound as one.



The Flying Lettuce Brothers are members of Jake's old gang alongside Jake, Tiffany, and Gareth.


They are nearly identical in appearance, both having light green skin, heads that end in curved-forward points, and wearing orange bodysuits that resemble prisonwear. Each brother wears a brown glove on one arm and a wristwatch on the other, but the glove and watch swap sides from one to the other between them. They always stand very close together, acting in unison and often holding each other's shoulders.

Episode appearances[]

The flying lettuce brothers appear in "One Last Job" as members of Jake's old gang.

The flying lettuce brothers were also mentioned in "My Two Favorite People" as contacts in Jake's phone when trying to find someone to make both Finn and Lady Rainicorn jealous.



The Flying Lettuce Brothers appear on Jake's phone as the FLY L. BROS.

  • In the episode "My Two Favorite People," when Jake was scrolling through the list of contacts in his phone, the Flying Lettuce Brothers appeared on his list, which also includes Gareth and Tiffany.
  • The flying lettuce brothers could possibly be personas of Steve P. and Rasputin from 'The Game', as the land of Ooo seems to contain the fictitious book 'Mind Games' based on Neil Strauss' 'The Game'. In the Game, Rasputin and Steve P. hypnotize the audience by speaking in precise unison and are incredibly confident.