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"Flute Spell" is the twenty fifth episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and twenty-fourth episode overall.[2]


Finn has been secretly meeting a powerful wizard.[3]


In the dead of night, an exhausted Jake is seen playing Age of Grinders on BMO. Jake complains that he has been playing the game for nearly three days and begs them to let him save so he can stop. BMO doesn't let him, as the game takes up too much space. Jake is too tired, but still determined, so he tells BMO to keep going. BMO tells Jake that they cannot talk and keep the game running, and reveals that the game has started over anyway. Jake screams out of frustration but excitedly exclaims that he's free.

Jake sings a song about the current two weeks as they are happening. He sings about visiting Lady, hanging out with the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, seeing Death in a field, fixing Neptr, and trying to encourage T.V. to eat more healthy foods. When he finishes singing, he sits on his couch and contemplates going for round two of the game he tried to play before; but, not without Finn this time. When Shelby comes out of the Viola, Jake asks him if he knows about the whereabouts of Finn, as the human hadn't been present for any of the two weeks shown. The worm is reluctant to answer, but when Jake pressures him, Shelby says that he has heard that Finn has been hanging out with a new girlfriend. When Jake demands to know who, Shelby says that he doesn't know, but he suspects that the reason Finn has been so quiet about it is because he wants to be more careful. Jake thanks Shelby and leaves. Outside of the house, the Dog greets Science Cat and asks where Sword Shark is. Science cat informs Jake that the weapon wielding fish passed away from old age. He then asks Jake to let him know about what is going on between Finn and his new girl. Jake says he won't, and leaves.

Deep in the forest at night, Jake comes across melodic flute playing coming from above the canopy. Upon stretching to the top, Jake witnesses Finn playing his Flute for Huntress Wizard. The two stand across from each other while Finn continues his music, but after a little bit, Huntress Wizard tells him that "it" isn't working out and abruptly leaves. Afterwards, Jake sneaks up behind Finn and surprises him, saying congrats for finding a new girlfriend and to apologize for apparently getting dumped. Finn tells him that he wasn't trying to ask HW out, he was just playing his "flute spell" for her.

When he's asked about what a flute spell is and why he was playing it, Finn explains that Huntress Wizard found him while he was hanging out in his new alone spot: a river deep in the wild. In the river, Finn is naked and playing impressive "improv" on the flute. Huntress Wizard watches him from afar, and eventually approaches him demanding to know how he can play the flute like that. Finn, initially shocked at someone seeing him in the current state, tells her that he just lets his grass arm (the synthetic arm created by the Grass Sword when it regrew in Breezy) do whatever whenever he plays. She tells him that he is what she has been looking for. Back in the Present, Finn says that ever since the encounter the two of them have been going around the forest while Finn plays his flute spell in an attempt to summon the Forest Spirit. Jake teases Finn by saying he only wanted to play to flute to impress the Huntress, and continues to push the belief onto Finn as they descend from the canopy.

At the bottom and to their surprise, Huntress Wizard is waiting for Finn. She says that she thinks whatever is wrong with the spell isn't with Finn, but with his flute. She suggests that he should get a new one, and tells him that she make him a new one from the magic tusk of an electric boar that lives in that area. Since it's late, she invites the two over to her place so they can find the animal first thing in the morning. At her tree, Jake teases Finn again about liking the Wizard, but Finn denies it and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Huntress Wizard takes the two to a magic spring to drink from so they can be immune to the magic boar's lightning powers. She warns them that the water will make them have weird dreams, but Finn drinks it despite Jake's worry about it. He discovers that the hallucination dream starts immediately, and during that hallucination he meets the forest spirit. The Spirit asks him who he is really playing the flute for, and tells him that wolves/Huntress Wizard (his hallucination of the latter was a wolf) can only see forward. Finn asks the spirit if he can give him electric immunity, and in response the spirit gives him his own sword. When he asks the spirit what he should do with it, the spirit tells him to stab himself in the heart with it. Finn asks if this is what is going to give him powers, the spirit shrugs, but Finn goes through with it anyway.

After "stabbing" himself, Finn wakes up from his 7 second dream (the dream was 7 seconds from Jake's point of view) with electric immunity. With that, the trio go on the hunt for the boar. After Huntress Wizard incapacitated the animal, Finn tears out one of the tusks, immune to the electricity the boar generates in self defense. The boar angrily tells Finn that they could have just asked for the tusk, which regenerates right after Finn pulled out the previous tusk. Finn apologizes, and Huntress Wizard carves the tusk into a lightning bolt shaped flute.

Finn plays the flute, this time with a different melody, and once again Huntress Wizard tells him that it will not work. Jake, frustrated that the two have not gotten together, suggests that the two play together "because of their chemistry." When they play a melody, they are able to successfully summon the forest spirit. The Forest Spirit and Huntress Wizard engage in awkward conversation; the Forest Spirit tells the Wizard that the reason why they drifted apart was because Huntress Wizard started to get the "wizard city vibe." The Forest Spirit and conversation pushes Finn into confessing his true feelings to Huntress Wizard. Finn admits that he thinks that she's a great person, and that he was playing his flute for her at first, but when he realized that she had a thing for the Forest Spirit, he decided to just help her out until his flute eventually broke. Huntress Wizard sighs, and tells him that she was playing the Flute for Finn, and compliments him on many of his good attributes. She then kisses him on the lips, much to Jake's joy, but nevertheless tells the human that because of who they are ("exceptional beasts"), they can never fall in love with each other, much to Jake's chagrin. Finn accepts this, confusing Jake and wishes Huntress Wizard well.

Back at the Tree House, Finn and Jake beat the video game from before together. Finn thanks Jake, because he feels that playing the game together was something he needed after what had happened. Jake reassures him that Huntress Wizard will see how awesome he is, and that she'll come around eventually, but Finn doesn't mind, and him, Jake, and BMO all fall asleep together in the living room.


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  • This episode is Huntress Wizard's first major role in the series.
  • Science Cat reveals that the Shark died of old age.
  • Finn gains immunity to electricity.
  • Jake can fix Neptr.

Episode connections[]

  • The Science Cat that Finn said shows up everyday at 4:00 in "My Two Favorite People" reappears for the first time in this episode.
  • The villagers still live in the Tree Fort as of "The Visitor."
  • Maja is still in a coma as of "Something Big," and the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant says he's unsure if she'll ever wake up.
  • Finn's scream from "Burning Low" is heard once again.
  • Spirit Dream Warrior resembles the Dream Warrior from "Who Would Win." They also share the same voice actor, Matthew Broderick.
  • After Finn drinks from the enchanted spring, Jake turns into his purple bird form from "Food Chain."
  • When Jake gives Finn advice about patience in playing the game Age of Grinders, he is also referring to relationships and life in general: "It's all about patience and treating each grueling, repetitive battle as if it were your first." This references the episode "Too Young" where Jake also took video game advice and applied it to real life.

Cultural references[]

  • The game that Jake plays, Age of Grinders, is based on the Phantasy Star series.
  • When the Huntress Wizard sleeps, she turns into a log. This refers to the saying, "I slept like a log."
  • The use of large wild boars and wolves, and attempting to summon the Forest Spirit is reminiscent of Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.
  • Jake mentioned "seeing Death in a field" it may be a reference to Reaper man, the 11th Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett, in which Death works in a farm harvesting corn.
  • Most aspects of Huntress Wizard's character as first shown in this episode seem to be a clear reference to Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, the wilderness, and wild animals from Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology: Artemis was known as a virgin goddess who took great pride in her chastity, and her choice to remain a chaste virgin was often stated to be due to her belief that if she found love, it would make her soft, and she would no longer be able to properly serve her divine role; this is nearly identical to HW's reason for shunning romance in this episode. The animal with which Artemis was most often associated was the deer; in this episode, HW is shown riding a deer as her mount during a hunt. In some myths, Artemis was associated with Wood Nymphs (Dryads), and trees were considered sacred to her; HW's appearance seems to be based on Dryads (specifically Daphnaie i.e. Laurel Tree Nymphs, as her hair looks like laurel leaves), who were said to live in and transform into trees just like HW. Finally, the scene in which HW stumbles upon Finn bathing seems to be a reference to the myth of Actaeon, a human hunter and warrior who accidentally stumbled upon the goddess Artemis nude and bathing in a river and was subsequently brutally punished by her as a result; in the episode, the roles are reversed, and it is the mighty female Huntress spirit who stumbles upon the male warrior (who, like Artemis, is chaste and sexually innocent) bathing, and the story ends much more happily than in the myth.
  • When Huntress Wizard says that she and Finn cannot fall in love because they are "exceptional beasts," this closely resembles the scene in Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha where the title character tells Kamala, "ordinary people can - that is their secret." Siddhartha is on a journey of self-discovery, much like Finn the Human.

Storyline analysis[]

  • This episode hints at a possible future romance between Finn and Huntress Wizard, as the latter kissed the former on the lips.
  • With Finn agreeing to Huntress Wizard's supposition that "exceptional beasts like us cannot fall in love; that is the secret of ordinary people," and simultaneously repeating the Spirit of the Forest's message of "attracting forces come and go," Finn may be having doubts about the idea of unconditional love. Specifically, he seems to be jaded to the idea of romantic pursuits after his failures with Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess, at least for the time being.


  • When Finn grabs the pig's horn and says "Hey!" he only has one tooth visible when it should be a few.
  • When Huntress Wizard undresses for the night, her glove seems to turn into a leaf along with her boots, yet when the transformation terminates, it is still on her right hand. This is confirmed to be an error later on, when upon waking up, Huntress Wizard is not wearing her glove.



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