The Flower Path is a portal that Finn and Jake travel through in the episode "Dad's Dungeon" in order to get to the end of Joshua's dungeon and retrieve Jake's family sword. They choose the Flower Path over the Ugly Monster's path because they think he is "gross."

The Flower Path is one of the traps in the dungeon. Three Fruit Witches live in it, and they try to convince Finn to eat the fruit on the table in the middle of the path. However, Finn seems to instantly realize this is a trap and ignores them. The Fruit Witches and Flower Path make a common seductress-themed environment: the appearance of the path is inviting, the Fruit Witches speak softly, and there is a table with food, all of which appear safe and comfortable despite being dangerous. The Fruit Witches seem to be linked to the appearance of the Flower Path; once they are upset the path changes dramatically.


It looks like a portal made up of flowers on the outside. On the inside, it is pink and yellow with calm music and white flowers and petals falling everywhere. After one of the Fruit Witches transforms, however, the path turns a drab gray-brown and the falling flower petals are decayed and black.


  • The musical track that plays when the Flower Path is bright and comforting is identical to the one played in "Hot to the Touch" when Finn starts to cry.


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