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"Flame Princess Experience Rap" is sung by Flame Princess in the episode Son of Rap Bear, she does this rap to build some "Quick life experience" to win the Rap Fest Day Rap Battle. In this rap, she tells her adventures around Ooo doing stuff like a short time working at Pizza Sassy's or a walk with Starchy.


Uhh Yo
Went along with Finn
From mision to mision
To win the battle for the Fire Kingdom
Worked at Pizza Sassy's
'Couse I'm not too classy
Climbed a rock
Had to mind the clock "Tick Tock"
I go with Starchy
I hunt ghosts
I blow fire with my saxophone
I'm a submarine teen
Ain't nothin' I ain't seen
All around I'm known
I'm the girl on the throne
Giving back rubs
In the bathtubs
Hittin' math clubs
Makin' mad grubs
To outspit a rap cub
I've got solutions to this rap pollution
When I'm done with Son of Rap Bear he's gonna need new shins
Uhh Yhea I'm experienced
Solid like a pebble in a acuarium
I drop knowledge like I'm Bubblegum, or she was librarian?