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The Lich King

These scented candles are among Flame Princess's possessions and are still usable. They can nullify bad odors such as Jake's bodily gases. Flame Princess would like to have them but she left them at the Fire Kingdom and doesn't want to go back there due to her father imprisoning her in the lantern, which makes her noticeably upset. Finn volunteers to help her get them with Jake. According to Jake's compliment, they smell like an old lady's bathroom, which reminds him of his beloved grandmother. After Finn and Jake successfully make it out of the Fire Kingdom, they go back to Flame Princess's house and give the candles back to her during her sleep. Flame King appears in the candles' flames and whispers "evil evil evil" to Flame Princess as she sleeps.


They look like regular candles. Their colors match the colors of the surroundings of where they were found.


  • Flame King can make himself appear in the candles' flames as seen in "Ignition Point."
  • During "Frost & Fire", Finn's forged letter for Flame Princess mentions her scented candles being "stupid" and "heinous" along with other insults which prompted her to battle Ice King.


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