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The Lich King

Flame Princess' Aunt & Uncle are the aunt and uncle of Flame Princess, who describes them as judgmental in "Jake Suit." They first appear in "Incendium," where they observe Jake's courtship of Flame Princess on Finn's behalf and are turned into Flambits by their niece's temper tantrum.

However, after being turned into Flambits in their debut, they are shown to be back in their normal states again in "Ignition Point," where they watch the play along with the other Fire Kingdom citizens.

They both appear again in "Jake Suit," where they attend Flame Princess's dinner with her brothers. They were stated to be "less-evil" due to them being invited to the dinner.

Flame Person 1, the aunt of Flame Princess, appears again in "The Red Throne," where she is brainwashed by Don John, along with the other Fire People. She is also one of the people who cheer after Cinnamon Bun confesses his love for Flame Princess.

She appeared without the uncle of Flame Princess again in "The Cooler." She and her niece and nephews were discussing on how to save the Fire Kingdom. She suggested that all the citizens in the kingdom form a big hug to stay warm, but her idea was disregarded. In response to this, she admits that she is not that smart. She was later hit by a cool air pocket, causing her head to reduce and later escaped the place with the others. Her name was also revealed to be Agnes in this episode.

Episode appearances[]


  • It is unknown how they're related to Flame Princess, whether they're Flame King's siblings or her mother's.


  • In "Incendium," both Flame Person 1 and 2 are turned into Flambits, yet in later episodes, they are seen unchanged. It's possible, however, that they found a way to change back to their original forms.


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