The Flame Guards first appear in the Fire Palace in the episode "Incendium." They later appear guarding the palace in "Earth & Water." In "The Red Throne," Flame Lord hypnotizes them into imprisoning Finn and Flame Princess.


Flame Guards are black with small red arms and legs. The black portion of their body could be armor of some sort, as they all have a red crack running around their waist forking up at their stomach. Their heads have spikes that are lit on fire, like candelabras. There is a rectangular opening for their red eyes, but the rest of their face is also concealed. Flame Guards also have a staff with a large flame at the end. They have seven little fire torches on top of their head resembling candles.


Hmmmm, huh? Sire! It's your daughter's scented candles.

—"Ignition Point"

Sorry. I'm on edge because I'm worried that Jerry here will find out I'm dating his sister.

—"Earth & Water"

Gonna scramble you and fry you up for brunch! I try to act tough, but I really wanted to be a chef.

—"Earth & Water"


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