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Flambo's Hot Mess is a game on Cartoon Network's website featuring Flambo. Flambo has spilled all of Princess Bubblegum's royal collection of jellybeans. You play as Flambo as you try to collect all of Princess Bubblegum's jellybeans without burning the dock and falling into the water. You earn a Golden Jellybean each time you collect every jellybean in a level. There are 33 levels in all.


The sections of dock are made of wood, so even the slightest touch by Flambo sets them on fire, burning them away in moments. Flambo has to move quickly before the burning dock gives way beneath him. He is immune to fire, but if he falls into the water below, he has to start from the beginning of the level. Moving from beginning to end is only one of the game's mechanics, as Flambo must time his jumps from platform to platform as well as set different structures on fire in different orders to open the path to the end.

Creatures called "Critters" change the pace of play by bouncing Flambo over obstacles or spreading fire more quickly. The "Bomb-Berrys," will explode if flambo lights them on fire, and spread fire around the level, burning sections of dock before He can cross them. The "Bounce-Berries" will allow Flambo to jump higher when he lands on them, but will burn up and be unusable in seconds. "Fire Spreader Bugs" come in groups, and if one is set on fire its partner will spread fire everywhere, burning the dock before Flambo can cross it. The "Firework Hat" spreads fire over a wide area like the "Fire Spreader Bug" does, but must be set on fire directly.


  • Mad Dash - Beat a level without collecting any Jellybeans.
  • Burned Out- Fail a level 4 times in a row.
  • Bean Collector - Earn a Golden Jellybean.
  • Jelly Bean Machine - Earn a Golden Jellybean on every level.
  • En Fugo - Beat all the levels.
  • Hold Your Fire - Mystery Badge


  • There is a game called 'Firebug' which is identical to this game.
  • The levels' background music is Tap the Frog's theme song
  • During the first level, Flambo is mistakenly referred to as a firebug.
  • An expanded version of the game, Flambo's Inferno, adds more levels, a level builder, a shop, and features Flame Princess.