"Five Short Graybles" is the second episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It is the eightieth episode overall.


Five short stories centered around a common theme: The five senses.


It starts out with a strange man named Cuber who greets the audience. He wants the audience to guess the "theme" in a series of five shorts from the "days of old" as they are all connected in some way. He then takes out his holo-pyramid, which has pictures of FinnJake, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, and Lumpy Space Princess. The shorts begin.

Sight (Starring BMO)

Finn and Jake leave BMO alone in the Tree Fort. They say that they are going to the "Grocery Kingdom" and will be back in an hour. BMO then runs up to the Tree Fort bathroom, locks the door, and then asks itself "Finn? Jake?" to make sure no one is watching. Once alone, BMO talks to its reflection in the mirror. BMO pretends to have an imaginary friend named "Football" and pretends to impress the friend by showing it that it is a "real living boy." Football is impressed by all the things BMO accomplishes like "brushing its teeth," "cleaning itself with soap," and "peeing" although BMO only pretends to do these things and does a poor job doing it. The camera then zooms out to show that Finn and Jake have been watching BMO the whole time. Finn comments about BMO's strange actions when they are gone. They then check off "Prove that Beemo does weird junk when nobody is around" on their list of things to do.

Touch (Starring Finn and Jake)

For accomplishing this, they try to high-five each other, but fail miserably, missing the first time and hardly hitting the second and third time. They are disappointed by their performance and they attempt a high-five again, but this time with a running start. They succeed, but they feel they can do better and back up even further for an even greater high-five. After accomplishing this achievement, Finn says he knows how he and Jake can do the "most ultimate high-five ever," and Jake says "You've gone crazy mad with power lust, and I'm loving it." There is a scene change and Finn is seen on a catapult talking through a walkie-talkie to Jake who is in the Desert of Doom using an unknown skeleton and his stretchy powers to catapult himself, Finn then exclaims "SUPER ULTIMATE HIGH FIVE GO!" and they are thrust towards each other. The scene changes and the graybles "Smell" and "Taste" are shown afterwards. In both shorts, Finn and Jake are seen flying past at high speeds. Finn and Jake both reappear in the fifth short story, "Sound."

Taste (Starring Princess Bubblegum)

Princess Bubblegum is shown working hard to create a sandwich for Cinnamon Bun. She makes the cheese by spinning a cow around on a centrifuge. She then creates the lettuce by growing and shrinking a small piece of lettuce to the perfect size with chemicals. The tomato is made by combining a jellyfish and a balloon in a transportation machine. She chants odd spells to make the loaf of bread. After doing all this she cuts up the ingredients and combines them in a unique way into what she presents to Cinnamon Bun as "the most ultimate sandwich that ever existed and ever will exist." To her horror, Cinnamon Bun places the sandwich directly in his stomach without tasting it; he then regurgitates most of it out onto her face and the floor. Cinnamon Bun then thanks Princess Bubblegum for the sandwich. Behind a window, Finn is seen flying through the air, screaming, as the scene ends. 

Smell (Starring Ice King)

In the next scene, the Ice King searches through his fortress for the source of a stench. He finds Gunter and accuses him of "blowing up the place" with his "nasty booty." The Ice King tells the penguin not to worry because he will solve the problem. He then places Gunter on a sheet of ice and sends it to sea claiming that he will never succeed in acquiring a princess so long as Gunter is "stankin' up the place." However, upon returning to his cave, the Ice King discovers that it still smells. With Gunter out of the picture, the Ice King quickly realizes his armpits are the source of the terrible stench. The scene then cuts to a penguin turning the shower knob, and we see the Ice King standing in the shower with his arms raised and a penguin hanging from each, both furiously scrubbing his armpits as he orders them to scrub harder. After the shower, the Ice King discards the penguins that were washing him in a pile of garbage by the trash cans in front of his fortress. He then turns to find that Gunter has returned, and he is soaking wet. The Ice King cheerfully tells Gunter of his discovery that his armpits were the source of the stench, and then he apologizes as he carries the penguin inside. The Ice King observes aloud that he has no idea how his armpits got so stinky, immediately after which Gunter squeezes under Ice King's arm and farts without the Ice King even noticing, revealing Gunter to be the true source of the smell after all. After this happens, Jake flies by the window, and then the scene changes.

Sound (and Touch finale) (Starring Lumpy Space Princess)

The final scene opens at the Candy Kingdom Talent Show with Peppermint Butler as the MC. On stage, Marc attempts to make baskets, but only makes 2 out of 10. Backstage, Lumpy Space Princess brags that her rendition of "These Lumps" will ensure her victory. She proceeds to sing the song to those backstage. As she begins to rush on stage Peppermint Butler informs her that she is not next. Instead, a group of candy people go on, and to Lumpy Space Princess's horror they perform her song, "These Lumps." After they finish, a distraught Lumpy Space Princess goes on stage and mumbles the words to "These Lumps." The crowd accuses her of stealing the previous act. In anger, she throws a basketball at an audience member. The ball ricochets off an audience member and makes a basket. She repeats this twice. The audience loves it, and names Lumpy Space Princess the winner. Suddenly, Finn and Jake complete their final high five over the stage causing a sonic boom and falling to the ground with a thud. The audience is even more impressed and Peppermint Butler names Finn and Jake the talent show's winners, making Lumpy Space Princess upset.

At the end, Cuber asks if the viewer learned the theme of the stories, and tells the viewer to pause the show to think about it while he makes a snappy pose. He then reveals to those who could not figure it out that the theme was the five senses, before ending the show.


Major characters

Minor characters




  • Cuber knows the name of Finn, Jake, BMO, and Princess Bubblegum, but not Ice King or Lumpy Space Princess, calling them "the blue guy" and "the other thing." But he did call Princess Bubblegum only, "the princess."
  • According to the show's writers, a "grayble" is the equivalent of a fable, presumably in Cuber's language.[1]
  • Finn's to do list said:
    • Prove that Beemo does weird junk when nobody is around
    • Cut fingernail
    • Punching seminar: 6 PM
    • Haiku
    • Find missing thermos
  • All the stories happen simultaneously, seeing as Finn and Jake fly by windows in "Taste" and "Smell" and also have big roles in "Sight," "Touch," and "Hearing."
  • Cuber's holo-pyramid is a four-sided tetrahedron.
    • Even though it is four-sided, there are five stories. This is because one of the pictures change as Cuber is showing them.
  • Princess Bubblegum has a Scientific Parasite in her pocket during the taste short.
  • After Finn and Jake finish their ultimate high-five, the title card music is played.
  • Cuber has a holographic model of the modern Earth.
  • In this episode, it is shown that Cinnamon Bun eats through a hole in his stomach, even though in "From Bad to Worse" he eats the Candy Flesh through his mouth.
  • In the European version, the jacket that Princess Bubblegum wears is blue instead of white.

Cultural references

  • The teleporter Bubblegum uses to make a tomato is similar to one from the 1958 film The Fly, where a teleportation accident between a human and a fly merge them together into a mutant creature. (only in Bubblegum's case, the combination was intentional)
  • BMO wanting to be real is similar to the story of Pinocchio.
  • Princess Bubblegum's mouth movements and manner of speech when saying the word "cheese" mimics the character Wallace from the series of claymation films "Wallace and Gromit." Wallace is known for his manner of saying the word "cheese," as illustrated in this video.

Episode connections


  • While Finn is running for the third high-five, in the first scene, Finn's left hand is raised, but in the second scene, it seems he raised his right hand but then chose to high-five Jake with his left hand.
  • Princess Bubblegum is seen in the audience of the talent show when Finn and Jake do the Super Ultimate High Five, yet Finn passes her window as he is flying through the air.
  • After BMO puts the soap to its face, the soap is still in its hands. Football, the reflection, puts his hands up in surprise without the soap. Then, before BMO "pees," the soap is back in its hands.
  • When BMO opens the bathroom door to enter the room, the reflection of the door in the mirror stays closed.
  • The M in BMO's side turns from a sideways M to a sideways W multiple times in the mirror.
  • The original episode description said Pen Ward was hosting the episode.
  • In the introduction, Cuber holds a tetrahedron, which he calls a holo-pyramid, each face of which is supposed to show a frame of one of the five short stories. A tetrahedron, though, only has four faces. This is why the Ice King's picture is missing. (Ironically, a true pyramid does have five faces, although one of them is square and not triangular).
  • Before BMO picks up the toothbrush, some of the bristles are yellow; when its in BMO's hand, they are all white.
  • Marc was on stage when Peppermint Butler congratulated him, and then shown sitting in a seat when the camera cut to the audience clapping.
  • Cinnamon Bun spat chewed sandwich and it fell on the floor, but when he leaves there is nothing on the floor.
  • The cow's bridle disappears after it spins around in Princess Bubblegum's machine

Production notes

  • The TV Guide and Adventure Time's Official Site on Cartoon Network states that this episode, along with "Dream of Love," would air on April 6, 2012, earlier than scheduled. This is an error.
  • Time Warner Cable also mistook the date of the episode and said that Friday, April 6, 2012 was the date of the episodes premiere instead of Monday, April 9, 2012. This was also an error.
  • Emo Philips makes a guest appearance in this episode.
  • For the preview of the episode, the clip where Finn and Jake are talking to each other over the walkie-talkies, the whole sequence from that point until them launching into the air, and the scene cutting to Princess Bubblegum, is reversed in the airing of the episode.

Storyline analysis

  • Cuber stated that he was going to tell a story from "days of old," implying that he is in the future compared to Finn and Jake's time.


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