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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Five More Short Graybles" from season 5, which aired on November 19, 2012.

This transcript is complete.


[Cuber is in his supposed spaceship, facing the window, making strange noises and wiggling-arm motions that seem to control the ship’s speed. There are spinning crystals in the air that he is controlling as well. He is surprised at first to see us, but is glad none the less]
Cuber: Hmm? Oh! Hello there! Bayble navel! It’s great to see you! Here for more graybles, I reckon. Well, alright. Just like last time. [Like in Star Trek, the window doubles as a digital screen] We’ll watch five separate stories, each relating to one special theme. [The visualizer is divided into 5 sections like a food pyramid. Each section with a picture representing each chronological grayble] Guess the theme by the end of the episode and you’ll be the freshest mint-whistle! [laughs] Now, look to my visualizer screen and let this exciting grayble dribble all over your mind-label! [laughs] [Fade into first grayble]
[We first see that Lady is outside her house reading and that Finn and Jake are in her loft. Finn is sitting near a pie and a chicken is there as well.]
Jake: [Jake pushes aside the chicken and it flies away] Okay, so- scooch! Okay so I’m still pretty sure this old book is some warlock spell book or something .
Finn: [Jake blows off the dust to reveal a nursery rhyme book] Messed.
Jake: Warlocks, dude! [Jake sits down and opens the book] You ready for some ancient feel good spell craft?
Finn: Yeah, I’ll try it. Could always stand to feel better.
Jake: [Jake reads over the page, which is “Little Jack Horner”] Leeeeet’s seeeee. You got your bibby?
Finn: [Finn has a bib] Check it! [Jake stretches some of his skin to make a bib]
Jake: [Jake uncovers the pie] Yup! [Finn and Jake hold up their thumbs and the background goes black. Jake begins reciting the rhyme as though it were a spell]
Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner, [Finn peeks]
Eating a Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb, [They put in their thumbs and pull out plums]
And pulled out a plum,
And said "What a good boy am I!"
Jake: [They look around for something to happen] I don’t feel like a good boy.
Finn: You sure you read that spell right?
Jake: [Jake is eating his plum] Yeah. Still though. Pretty sweet.
Finn: Wanna keep stickin’ our thumbs in stuff ‘til it works?
Jake: Yeah! [They high five with plums on their thumbs]
Jake: [They burst out the barns doors] Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [Sticks his thumb in an ant hill]
Finn: Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [Sticks his thumb in a bird’s nest]
Jake: Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [He pokes Lady’s baby bump with his thumb and Lady kisses him]
Finn: Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [Sticks his thumb into a tree. Finn seems somewhat agitated now]
Jake: Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [Sticks his thumb into a flower]
Finn: Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [Sticks his thumb in a bottle]
Jake: Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-am-I! [Finn is holding a chipmunk’ arms up and Jake sticks his thumb in its armpits]
Finn: [Finn has his thumb in a mushroom and when he puts his thumb down, it breaks] Ooooh! What-a-good-boy-a— Do you feel like a good boy? [Finn and Jake are sitting on rocks by a pond]
Jake: No, I don’t.
Finn: Hey check out that gross toad! [There is a toad with holes in its back with baby toads hoping in and out of them]
Finn and Jake: [They walk over to it and start poking the holes with their thumbs] Oh-what-a-good-boy-am-I. Good boy, good boy, good boy, good boy, good boy.
Toad: [Finn and Jake talk over him] Gross! Ahahah! Cut it out! Quit stickin’ your thumbs in my back! Ahhhh! [Marceline is hovering several feet above them, watching.]
Marceline: Yeeeaaah, I don’t know. [She pulls out her map and flies forward] Uhhhhh, jeez! I’m never gonna find this place! Hmmm. [There is a rock giant playing drums up ahead, but instead of drum sticks, he uses his massive fingers. Marceline flies towards him] Hey! [He ignores her and continues playing] Hey! Hey rock giant! [He stops to listen] You seem cool! Do you know where wizard Bill’s music shop is? I can’t find it anywhere! He’s got a guitar that plays the most savory licks in Ooo! [He points into the clouds and his finger is seen moving extremely quickly past several landmarks]
Wizard Bill: [The giants finger bursts through Wizard Bill’s shop door and Bill is startled] Whaglgalgaw!
Marceline: [The giant pulls back his finger, but Marceline couldn’t see through the cloud cover.] Huuuuh. I’ve got an idea. [Marceline sits on his finger] Okaaay, point now. [She is blowing in the wind and yelling cheerfully] Wahahahoh yeah! Woowhohaha! [She gets off and fist bumps him] Thanks man! [She enters the shop and Wizard Bill hands her the guitar and she plays it]
[The camera pans down to Finn and Jake in the Candy Kingdom]
Jake: [Finn and Jake are poking some marshmallow kids] Let’s find some more holes.
Tree Trunks: [Tree trunks has a pie on her back as she meanders along] La da da la da da mmm deedle dee...
Finn and Jake: [Finn and Jake poke the pie] What-a-good-boy-am-I!
Tree Trunks: Oh! He he! Boys. Your manners. [Tree trunks bumps into a statue and her pie falls] Oh! Whoops! Oh!
Shelby: Hey, Tree Trunks!
Tree Trunks: Excuse me sir. I wasn’t looking where I was-
Shelby: Tree Trunks! Up here!
Tree Trunks: [Tree Trunks looks up at the fist in the air] Oh no! Heavens no!
Banana Guard: [Tree Trunks is with a Banana Guard at the police station] I’m glad you brought this matter to the authorities mam. Now what exactly happened?
Tree Trunks: [She is wiping away tears] Yes thank you. I-I heard a man calling out to me “Oh Tree Trunks!” So I said who’s calling? I don’t know. So I looked and he was making a RUDE gesture. [Sounding as angry as a pie-making old lady can] It left a sour taste in my mouth!
Banana Guard: Alright, ma'am. [He pulls out a pen and paper] Let’s see. How do you spell your name?
Tree Trunks: “T...”
Banana Guard: Okay.
Tree Trunks: “R...”
Banana Guard: Okay.
Tree Trunks: “E...”
Banana Guard: Okay.
Tree Trunks: “E...”
Banana Guard: One sec.
Tree Trunks: “E”! [She is mad]
Banana Guard: Hold on oone second.
Tree Trunks: Uggh! I’m sorry, but the wheels of justice spin too slowly! [She storms out of the door] I’m going to have to take the law into my own hands!
Tree Trunks: Thank you all for coming! The police have failed me in my time of need! So I’ve brought you here together. A posse! [She hands the Gumdrop Lasses pantyhose filled newspaper] I made you all blackjacks [Police batons] in case things get…uuugly. I stuffed some of my stockings with balled up newspapers. I made a big one for you, because you’re so strong. [She hands one to Cinnamon Bun] Alright then! [They are swinging their “blackjacks” patrolling the street] Let’s clean up these streets! [She falls on her side and kicks her little elephant legs as helplessly as possible] Oh there he is! Oh my goodness!
Gumdrop Lasses: [They run past Tree Trunks and start hitting the “Cranky Cookie” statue] Weeeee! [grunting]
Tree Trunks: [The banana guard comes up] Oh. Why. It’s just a statue. I-I-I don’t understand. I-It was so rude before. [Cinnamon Bun is in the background wearing his “blackjack”]
Shelby: Hey Tree Trunks! [Shelby is on top of the statue’s fist]
Tree Trunks: Oooh!
Shelby: Hey! Tree Trunks! How are you!
Banana Guard: Sheeelbyy! Have you been up there all day?
Shelby: Yeeeeesss. Just readin’ this book. [Holds up book]
Banana Guard: Uhh, well can ya read somewhere else? Ya kinda offended Tree Trunks here.
Shelby: [Looks around and finally understands] What? I-uh. Uh. Oh. Oooh! [laughs] I get it! [laughs]
Tree Trunks: [laughs] Wonderful! [Shelby crawls away and Ice King is seen flying in the background]
Ice King: [The Ice King flies into his window and calls together his penguins] Family meeting! Family meeting gather ‘round. [He squats down and the penguins look up at him] Things are gonna change around here very soon! You’re gonna have a new mommy to help BOSS ya around! Well, I mean- I haven’t exactly asked her yet. Welp! No time like the present! [He pulls up the helm of his tunic to reveal his foot and he hums while doing so] Ya deh deh duh duh duh deh. Sweetie, are you awake? [There is a poorly drawn female face on his foot] Great! Because I have a query I’ve been meaning to inquire of you. [He is flustered] Well, uh. [giggles] When two people, eh- will- Will you marry me! [He looks at his foot] Oh yah! [He begins crying and the penguins start licking up his tears] Yes! Yes drink up the tears! Drink up those good luck tears! [Gunter approaches, but Ice King smacks him away] No, not you Gunter! You’re on a low-salt diet! Huh? [He looks down at his foot] Uh-a-what’s that dear? Oh! I almost forgot! [He makes a fanfare tune] Do do-do do-Do! [He pulls out a ring and puts it on his toe] It’s a wife ring! [He pulls out another ring and place it on his own finger] This one’s for me. I’m the husband. That means I get the remote control THREE days a week and you get it four! [laughs excitedly] [He has his foot pulled up to eye level and turned around as if it were sitting next to him on the balcony] Ahhh, Sweetie, this is bliss. It feels so math to finally be normal. Not like those two freaks. [He points to Finn and Jake sticking their thumbs in a snowman] What are they doin’ over there? Anyway! I-oh, who’s that? [He looks at his other foot and there is a winking face on it] Oh. Oh my. [He looks nervous]
BMO: [Now we are at the Tree Fort] Poor Football, you’ve come so far, but still have so much to learn.
Football: [BMO is talking to his reflection in the window] But I don’t understand BMO. I’m a real baby girl now. I can smell the reddest lilacs. I can hear the screaming squirrels! Screaming for nuts! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it’s true!
BMO: No, Football. That’s not enough. You have to learn manners too. Otherwise, you’ll be all alone!
Football: Alone? But-but what about you BMO?
BMO: I will not always be here to protect you Football. No, you must learn. Here look! [Pulls out grapefruit spoon] This is a grapefruit spoon. It is only for eating grapefruit. [Pulls out a salt shaker and shakes salt into the air] This is a salt shaker. Here, you try. [BMO and his reflection are both shaking the salt up into the air and laughing] [BMO pulls out a strange contraption] Now this is a turnip grincher. [Football looks at it quizzically] For grinching. Aaand, this is how you drink tea. [BMO sticks out his pinky and sips the tea] Ahhh. [The tea pours over his face]
Football: Like this? [Does not have pinky out] Yuck! [giggles] It’s bitter!
BMO: No, no. Football like this. [BMO shows Football again]
Football: Like this?
BMO: No, like this. [BMO is getting frustrated]
Football: Like this? [Both BMO and Football begin sparking from the liquids]
BMO: Like this! [BMO is angry]
Football: Like this, right?
BMO: No Football. Do it like- huh? [BMO sees Finn and Jake outside through the window] Sorry Football. Lessons are over for tonight!
BMO: [Finn sighs. Finn and Jake walk up the ladder to find BMO, all charred, sitting on the couch] Why so glum fellas?
Finn: [Sounding depressed] We stuck or thumbs in almost every hole today.
Jake: But we never felt like good boys.
BMO: I know a thing or two about good boys. Why don’t you try sticking your thumbs in these holes? [BMO is holding his fingers to form a hole over the controllers’ start buttons]
Finn: [He looks at BMO’s fingers] Controllers? [He looks up to find a video game start screen called “Super Good Boys] Haha! Oh yeah! Super Good Boys!
Finn and Jake: [They use their thumbs to push the buttons through BMO’s fingers] Bawmp! [The characters in the game start picking up trash and cleaning the digital house while BMO giggles]
Cuber: So, did you guess the theme? Go ahead and pause your viewer now if you need a few more glayble to think about it a little. [A “pause viewer now” card appears for a second] Oho! Now you’ve got it! I can tell! That’s right, the theme is the five tastes. [For each example, a still from the corresponding grayble appears] You see, Jake ate a SWEET plum. Marceline played some SAVORY licks. Tree Trunks had a SOUR taste inside her mouth. Oh my. Gunter wanted to drink the SALTY tears. And Football's tea was BITTER. [He laughs until he supposedly hears something] Huh? What’s that you say? You thought the theme was the five fingers? [he laughs] Don’t be silly! No one’s had five fingers for twenty blablillion glaybles. Five telepathy glands maybe. [he calms down] Ah… slimmin’. Well anyway, looks like it’s that time again. [waves goodbye] I’ll see you crimpy glimmers on triode flimpin’ the diode! [he laughs as the screen cuts]

Episode ends