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"Five More Short Graybles" is the third episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and seventh episode overall.


Short tales about Finn and Jake's thumbs; Marceline's search for a music shop; Ice King's new bride; BMO talking in the mirror; and Tree Trunks getting offended.


Cuber hosts the second installment of his short graybles series, this time focusing on Finn and Jake, Marceline, Tree Trunks, Ice King and BMO.

Sweet (Starring Finn and Jake)

Finn and Jake's tale starts inside Lady Rainicorn's house with Jake bringing Finn a book he found that he believes is a warlock spell-book, which is actually an old pre-war book of nursery rhymes, from which Jake reads "Little Jack Horner," believing it to be a spell. When they try the "spell" and fail they decide that sticking their thumbs into things and saying "Oh, What a Good Boy Am I" will activate the spell. They then proceed to stick their thumbs in random places throughout the Land of Ooo, including an ant hill, a bird's nest, Lady Rainicorn's baby bump, a tree, a flower, a bottle, a chipmunk, a mushroom, and a toad. Thumb is the alternate theme for this grayble.

Savory (Starring Marceline)

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In Marceline's tale, Marceline is searching for Wizard Bill's music store to buy a guitar that plays "the most savory licks in Ooo," and encounters a Rock Giant. She asks the Rock Giant to point her to the shop, but she could not see where he is pointing at because the giant's arm is so long. She gets on his finger and tells him to point to it again, which he does, bringing her all the way to the store. Wizard Bill gives her a devil/monster bass, and she begins to play it. Index finger is the alternate theme for this grayble.

Sour (Starring Tree Trunks)

In Tree Trunks' tale, while strolling in the Candy Kingdom, she sees someone making an obscene gesture at her and reports it to the Banana Guards, who prove unhelpful. So she decides, along with Cinnamon Bun and the Gumdrop Lasses to take the law into their own hands, and they attack the person when Tree Trunks realizes that it was a misunderstanding because the person was a statue making a fist and Shelby was on the top of its middle finger. Middle finger is the alternate theme for this grayble.

Salty (Starring Ice King)

In the Ice King's tale, the Ice King announces to the penguins that they will have a 'New Mommy,' which is his foot that he drew a face on. He gives "her" a wedding ring and the penguins drink his "good luck" tears, but he slaps Gunter away from him because Gunter was on a no-salt diet. Later Ice King and his "wife" are sitting on the window together when Ice King sees and falls in love with his other foot that he also drew a face on. Ring finger is the alternate theme for this grayble.

Bitter (Starring BMO)

In BMO's tale, it gives Football another lesson in being human. During the lesson they nearly short themselves out while practicing how to "drink" tea with their pinkies extended (after BMO demonstrates how to use a grapefruit spoon, salt shaker and turnip grincher). The lesson is interrupted when Finn and Jake return home. The guys are disappointed that they could not get the "spell" to work, to which BMO cheers by having them stick their thumbs in his controllers, and playing the game Super Good Boys. Pinky finger is the alternate theme for this grayble.

Cuber then announces the theme, which is the five tastes: Jake states that the plum from the pie was sweet, Marceline says that the music store owner has a guitar that plays the most savory licks in Ooo, Tree Trunks says that the incident left a sour taste in her mouth, the penguins drink Ice King's salty tears, and "Football" says that the tea is bitter. It is then implied that Cuber is interrupted by the "audience's" confusion about the theme given that the far more obvious connection between the stories is that each is about one of the five fingers. (Finn and Jake constantly stick their thumbs in various things throughout the episode. The Rock Giant uses his index finger to play the drums and to assist Marceline to the music store. Shelby accidentally mimics an obscene gesture when sitting on the middle finger of a fist on a statue. Ice King does a bit of role-playing and puts the engagement ring on his ring finger, and when BMO teaches "Football" to drink tea, he holds the cup with his pinky finger extended.) Cuber then laughs and states that people have not had five fingers for "twenty blabillion glaybles" and ends the episode.


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  • Ice King says 'new mommy,' which can be misheard as Umami. Umami is one of the five tastes, which is described as savory. This could either have been a coincidence, or a hidden meaning intentionally placed in the episode by the writers.
  • Cuber says that having five fingers has not been around for a while. This could be for four possible reasons:
    • It is a joke referencing the fact that most characters in Adventure Time are usually depicted with only three or four fingers on each hand.
    • It is possible that everyone has only four fingers after the events of Adventure Time when Cuber lives.
    • It could be a possible joke to how most cartoons in general have characters with only up to four fingers.
    • It also may be a reference to the theme of the show using small clues to show the theme: Finn and Jake used their thumbs to grab plumbs from their pie, the Rock Giant pointed using his pointer finger, Tree Trunks's story references the middle finger, the Ice King puts the "Husband Ring" on his ring finger and BMO was showing Football to drink tea with the pinky up.
  • On the wall in the police station, a picture containing a silhouette resembling the Earl of Lemongrab can be seen, and a poster that has a pirate-like figure slightly resembling Marceline can be seen.
  • A sign written in Runic code appears in the music shop. The message on it translates to "guitar repair."
  • Lady's stable has changed color since its last appearance.
  • Like in the first "Five Short Graybles," Finn, and Jake appear in each of the graybles.
  • Shelby's book has a picture of amoeba-like creatures.
  • The toad that Finn and Jake stick their thumbs in seems to be a surinam toad.
  • The cup the Banana Guard from the police station had says "Lieut Baby."

Episode connections

  • This episode is the sequel of the episode "Five Short Graybles."
    • In addition, BMO's alter-ego, Football, returns.
  • Lady Rainicorn is shown to have a "baby bump," since it is revealed that she is pregnant in "Lady & Peebles."
  • The Banana Guards are seen to be incompetent as they cannot even write Tree Trunks's name, even though she spells out her name for one of them; this is also shown before in "Reign of Gunters," "Princess Cookie," "You Made Me," and "Apple Thief."
  • On the title card, Cuber appears to be watching a hologram of Finn and Jake being attacked by skeletons, similar to the ones in "Death in Bloom," and it also shows Finn picking up the nursery book they read in the beginning of the episode.
  • When BMO sees Finn and Jake returning to the Tree Fort, he blows a raspberry, just like how Finn and Jake blow raspberries when the Banana Man approaches their house in "The New Frontier."

Cultural references

  • Finn and Jake stick their thumbs into a plum pie, like in the English nursery rhyme "Little Jack Horner," which Jake reads out of a book of nursery rhymes, thinking it is a spell.
  • When BMO makes "holes" over the controller for Finn and Jake to stick their thumbs in is a reference to an old SEGA advertisement.
  • The scene where Marceline was riding the Rock Giant's finger looks very similar to the intro to the Adult Swim (Cartoon Network's late night block) show Superjail!. Adam Muto claimed this was involuntary.[1]
  • The Rock Giant may also be a reference to the creature of the same name from The NeverEnding Story.
  • The Rock Giant's finger pointing is similar in style and theme to the old flash game, the infinitely zooming image, ZoomQuilt.
  • The new bass that Marceline plays in this episode is similar to the violin bass that former Beatle Paul McCartney plays often.
  • At the beginning of the episode, when Jake is dusting the book, one of the ducks on the cover has a hat similar to what Donald Duck wears.
    • The book cover showing a mother goose reading to baby geese strongly suggests that it is a Mother Goose Rhymes book.
  • There is a picture of a silhouette that resembles Patrick Star in the police station.
  • Gumdrop Lass 1 plays with a cootie catcher when Tree Trunks is rounding up her "posse."

Production notes

  • This is the first episode Steve Wolfhard storyboarded as a full-time storyboarder on the show.[2]
  • The title card was made by Andy Ristaino and Martin Ansolabehere.[3]
  • In the original story outline, Jake says that he can stick his thumb inside of his other thumb.
  • During the long preview, when Marceline is riding the index finger of the rock giant, the sky is bright and sunny. During the actual episode, however, the sky remains cloudy and covered to maintain consistency with the fact that Marceline is a vampire and could not be completely exposed to the sun, as shown in "Evicted!"


  • The paper the banana guard uses to write down Tree Trunk's name is still seen blank while he was writing on it.
  • The cup the banana guard puts on the desk moves from where he put it when he tries to write down Tree Trunk's name.
    • Tree Trunk misspells the first part of her name, "TREE" by telling the banana guard to write, "TREEE".
  • The number of instruments seen through the window does not match the number of instruments inside Bill’s shop.
  • When BMO is talking to Football a cup and a sword can be seen on the table behind him, when Finn and Jake enter the room these disappear.
  • The drums that the Rock giant plays do not match with the sound of the drums that you hear. For example, you hear the snare when he is tapping on what should be the Floor Tom, and when he does a fill, he taps on Tom 1 and Tom 2 and you still hear the snare for that as well. Also, he does a "Bass, Bass, Snare, Bass, Bass, Bass, Snare" beat, but he never taps on the bass. (Probably because it's broken)
  • When you first see the Rock giant, there is no white rabbit on his left shoulder, but for every other time you see him, the white rabbit is there.
  • When Marceline floats over to the Rock giant, there's a single frame where it looks as though Marceline isn't wearing anything under her t-shirt.



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