The Fish Parliament is a legislative meeting of sea creatures.


In the episode "President Porpoise is Missing!", the Fish Parliament convenes to discuss what to do regarding the issue of President Porpoise's disappearance. Beyond that, it is unknown what are the other purposes of this body, although it may be assumed it has some form of legislative or administrative use in the form of Undersea Law, as mentioned by VP Blowfish.


The parliament takes place in a sunken building underwater, the interior of which looks like a food court. The members sit around a table with microphones in the center of the food court during the meeting. A banner hung above the meeting depicts the words: 'Democracy of the Ocean' underneath a stylized picture of bigger fish eating smaller fish.


As seen in the episode "President Porpoise is Missing!", twelve creatures take part in the parliament. This includes:

From the events in the episode, it seems that Vice President Blowfish uses his ability to puff out and reveal his spikes to intimidate other members into concurring to his wishes. On the other hand, unfairness also seems to lie in Secretary Octopus, who gets eight votes instead of one due to his eight tentacles.


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