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The Fire Wolf Pup is a young Fire Wolf who appears in "Thank You." His family accidentally leaves him behind after they fight with Snow Golem. When Snow Golem finds Fire Wolf Pup still biting a wheel that fell off his cart, he tries to leave the playful pup so he can return home, apparently seeing it as harmless. Fire Wolf Pup manages to stow away in Snow Golem's cart and get inside his house. Snow Golem sends him outside, because the fires caused by the pup are dangerous to his home, but after Snow Golem realizes that the pup is unable to defend itself when some vultures pick at it, he allows it to come inside his house and takes care of it. After playing with the pup and feeding it for the night, Snow Golem returns the pup to its family in the Fire Kingdom. Later, the Fire Wolf family returns and, once again, appears to threaten Snow Golem, but Fire Wolf Pup jumps on him and licks him happily. This causes most of Snow Golem to melt, but the two are clearly happy to see one another.


Fire Wolf Pup resembles a black wolf pup with red cracks on his body (as if he's a volcanic rock with cracks) or like coal about to ignite. His eyes are bright orange with red pupils, and he has four fangs as his teeth. 


He has the ability to create fire like the other Fire Wolves. This fire seems to flare up randomly and does so only for moments at a time.


  • In the animatic for "Thank You," the pup is called a Fire Dog.
  • Jake reveals in the episode "Thank You" that the Snow Golems and the Fire Wolves hate each other.
  • The Fire Wolf Pup is an "item" (it can be stored in your inventory) in  Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! given by the Snow Golem to go visit his family in the Fire Kingdom.
  • His barking sound effect bear a striking resemblance to Spunky's barking from Rocko's Modern Life. Therefore, some fans mistakenly believed The Fire Wolf Pup was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, when he is in fact voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.