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The Fire Actors are Flame People who perform and entertain the Flame King and the audience on the stage. They are part of a theater troupe that consists of at least eight actors. Finn and Jake steal two of their costumes to disguise themselves in order to find the conspirators.

List Of Flame Actors[]

Image Official Name
Modelsheet costumedfireactor1
Flame Actor 1
Modelsheet costumedfireactor2
Flame Actor 2
Modelsheet costumedfireactor3
Flame Actor 3
Modelsheet costumedfireactor4
Flame Actor 4
Modelsheet costumedfireactor5
Flame Actor 5
Modelsheet costumedfireactor6
Flame Actor 6
Modelsheet costumedfireactor7
Flame Actor 7
Modelsheet costumedfireactor8
Flame Actor 8


They wear costumes and masks related to their role in the play.


Five minutes are closing everyone, five minutes.

—"Ignition Point"

This is a theater troupe. We're getting rrready to perform for the king. Everyone in the kingdom shall be in attendance. Of course, you know all this being fellow actors from the exact same troupe.

—"Ignition Point"