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Fionna Fights! is a Cartoon Network game on both the Cartoon Network website and on the App Store for iOS platforms. It is the first Cartoon Network game to feature gender-swapped characters. An update to the iOS version added Finn Fights!


Fionna and Marshall Lee must take a detour on their way to Lumpy Space Prince's party to fight off a swarm of monsters.


The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible before Fionna runs out of energy. At the beginning of the game, Fionna is shown with Cake riding Marshall Lee in bat form, but after that she is in freefall. Fionna can attack by clicking enemies and earn combos by hitting multiple enemies in one attack. Fionna's energy is depleted when she hits nothing on an attack, lets an enemy past her, or falls off the screen. When Fionna hits a single enemy, you get 100 points. A 2 enemy combo is worth 400 points, a 3 enemy combo is worth 900 points, a 4 enemy combo is worth 1600, and so on. Additional points can also be earned by destroying enemies with special attacks. Each time Fionna destroys an enemy, you earn 2 gems. Gems can be spent on items.


  • Fionna - The main character, who is controlled by the player.
  • Marshall Lee - Can be used to help Fionna defeat enemies.
  • Neptr - Can be used as a missile-firing battle suit.
  • Cake - Saves Fionna when she falls off the screen.
  • Lord Monochromicorn - Can be used to help Fionna defeat enemies. *
  • Finn - The main character, who is controlled by the player. *
  • Marceline - Can be used to help Finn defeat enemies. *
  • Jake - Saves Finn when he falls off the screen. *
  • Lady Rainicorn - Can be used to help Finn defeat enemies. *

Note: The characters with * means "iOS only."



  • Guard Duty - Mystery Badge (100 Points)
  • Branching Out - Defeat five enemies with the root sword (100 Points)
  • Cakewalk - Collect 2,500 gems (150 Points)
  • Knife to Meet You - Summon the knife storm twice (150 Points)
  • Good as Gold - Max out the golden sword (200 Points)
  • Sky Strike - Score 60,000 points with no misses (200 Points)
  • The Family Sword - Equipped Finn with Demon Sword. *
  • Vampire Queen - Summon Marceline 3 times. *
  • Shard Knocks - Max out Crystal Sword. *
  • Eat My Sword - Score 200,000 with Finn

Note: The * means iOS only.




  • Energy - Restores some of your energy meter
  • Flight - Keeps you floation between enemies
  • Freeze - Stops enemies cold
  • Shield - Blocks enemies from getting past you
  • Growth - Big up yourself (iOS only)


  • Knife Storm: Rain steel down upon your enemies
  • Fireballs: Great big balls of fire
  • Neptr: A missile-blasting battle suit (fires thick bullets)
  • Marshall Lee: Unleash the fury of the vampire king
  • Lord Monochromicorn: Summon Lord Monochromicorn (iOS only)
  • Marceline: Unleash the fury of the vampire queen (iOS only)
  • Lady Rainicorn: Summon Lady Rainicorn (iOS only)


  • Improving potions increases their actions, but the potion "Frozen" can increase the chance of occurrence.
  • Madeleine Martin provided brand-new lines for Fionna.
  • If you fall down with a special sword (Golden Sword, Root Sword), it will disappear and become the default sword.


  • When Marshall Lee is in bat form, his hair is not visible on his head and his eyes are blue, more like Marceline's bat form.
    • As for the episode the game is based on, "Bad Little Boy," when Marshall gets into bat form, his hair is still on his head and his eyes are red.
  • It is daytime during the game, but Marshall Lee seems unaffected by the sunlight.
  • When Cake stretches to save Fionna from falling, her arms have the incorrect markings on them.