Fionna's swords refers to the types of swords Fionna has used.

List of swords

The crystal sword/retractable sword/ice sword

The crystal sword is a weapon seen used by Fionna. It was given to her by the Ice Queen disguised as Prince Gumball. The sword has the appearance of a pink sapphire, and it has a pinkish glow. The sword is also retractable, akin to a lightsaber. At the Ice Queen's command though, the sword turns into a giant block of ice, encasing the wielder's hands. Fionna proved that this too was an adequate weapon by using the ice block to beat Ice Queen over the head and shatter the icicle encasing Prince Gumball.

Cake's swords

In the first issue of the Fionna and Cake comic miniseries, Cake makes nine different swords for Fionna to replace the crystal sword. She made a double ended sword (a sword with 2 ends and no hilt), a knitted sword (a sword made of knitted fabric), a bird sword (a sword made of dead birds), a kitty litter sword (a sword made entirely of cat litter), a fishbone sword (a sword made out of a giant fish skeleton), a cake sword (a sword made of pink cake and candles), a swingy sword (a sword with the blade replaced with a pole with a string tied to it and at the other end of the string is a really small sword), a flower sword (a potted flower) and a broken bottle sword (a bottle with its bottom broken in). Fionna is hesitant to use them but eventually uses the kitty litter sword, which breaks during a fight with Ice Queen.

Wish star sword

Wish Star Sword

Fionna's new sword

As a thank you for all the times she's helped him, Prince Gumball used the Ancient Enchanted Oven to make her a new sword in the third issue of the comics. The sword has a golden blade and pommel, a ribbon bow cross-guard, and two ribbons attached to the sword. It's blade is retractable and on its pink, wand-like hilt is three wish star buttons that allow Fionna to make small wishes.

The Wish Star Sword is later used in the episode "The Prince Who Wanted Everything," where Fionna utilizes it to free Flame Prince, Marshall Lee, Turtle Prince, and Prince Gumball from being servants. It was later revealed that the sword has the ability to turn into a microphone, though it might be just one of Fionna's wishes. Unlike the comics, the Wish Star sword now has only one button on its hilt.

Flapjack sword

While Fiona was fighting the Ice Queen in the episode Five Short Tables, Cake quickly cooks Fiona a new sword made from: purple chicken milk, dramatic cornmeal and the reflective tears of a reflective turtle. Despite being made out of baking ingredients, the sword seemed quite durable and even possessed the ability to reflect Ice Queen's ice blast right back towards her, presumably from the reflective tears cooked into the sword. To quote Cake "Because Ima bout to bake the toughest flapjack ever"

Loot swords

She has other swords and weapons in the tree fort like Finn.


  • Fionna calls her pink sword a Crystal Sword when she first received it; however, she later calls it a retractable sword. The name change may be because it can retract to just a crystal making it easy to travel with.
    • The "ice sword" is the true name of the sword gifted to her by the fake Prince Gumball, as said by Ice Queen when she exclaims, "HAHAHA! You like my ice sword?"
  • The Crystal Sword is usable by Finn in LEGO Dimensions. It can be found at Ice King's Castle and kept permanently.



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