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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Fionna Campbell[2], also known as Fionna the Human, is the main protagonist of Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, and was previously an in-universe fictional character and the gender-swapped version of Finn who were part of part a fanfiction the Ice King supposedly made from a strange red glowing inspiration during his sleep. She and the other gender-swapped characters would occasionally appear in their own segment of the show. Ice King had fantasized about one day making her real and marrying her.

In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, it was revealed that Fionna and Cake, along with their world, are real all along. They were actually created by Prismo who at some point became interested in creating his own reality rather than making ones based on others wishes. Since Prismo was not allowed to create his own realities, he hid Fionna and Cake's outside the multiverse and inside the mind of Ice King which led to him creating his fanfiction about it. However, when Ice King was reverted back to Simon Petrikov by GOLB and lost his magic, Fionna and Cake's reality lost magic as well and became a non-magical one. As a part of this, Fionna became an ordinary working human with Cake as her non-magic pet cat.

12 years later, due to a botched magic ritual caused by a depressed Simon, she and Cake were unintentionally brought to his universe and their universe's origin was revealed to them. She went on a quest through the multiverse with Cake and Simon, while also being hunted by God Auditor Scarab; after her return and her universe became authorized, she accepts her life better.


She has fair skin, blue eyes (though they typically appear as black dots), and thick legs. She is somewhat more heavy-set than her counterpart Finn and is called "chubby cute" by Natasha Allegri. Fionna wears a white, rabbit-themed hat (similar to Finn's bear-themed hat) with exposed locks of blonde hair covering part of her face. She has long, shiny, blonde hair that she almost always keeps tucked away in her hat. She has missing teeth like Finn, but she is also shown to have buck teeth in several episodes, which help add to her rabbit-like appearance.

She wears a blue shirt with elbow-length sleeves; a short, dark-blue skirt; white, over-the-knee socks with two thin, light-blue, horizontal stripes at the top; black Mary Jane shoes; and a two-toned green backpack.

In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, Fionna now wears blue shorts instead of a blue skirt, since she had trouble with walking in a skirt in the episode ”Prismo the Wishmaster".

In the Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake episode “Destiny” she wears a black sport bra, black knee pads, brown shoulder strap and silver shoulder armor with three spikes, brown belt, white ankle socks and brown boots. In "The Star", she wears Martin Mertens's green military jacket.

Personality and Traits[]

Fionna is a fearless, thrill-seeking, adventure-loving hero who in many ways is like her male counterpart, Finn. She will rescue any prince from the Ice Queen or do any task to better herself or help citizens. Fionna was somewhat tomboyish, as remarked by Ice Queen. This can be seen when she often attempts to act like one of the guys, so she fits in easily with friends like Marshall Lee or Prince Gumball. Although she is known to mostly keep her calm, Fionna can be provoked to anger. She is also very hard-headed as shown when Cake wanted her to date Prince Gumball and she was stubborn about it.

During the events of "The Prince Who Wanted Everything," Fionna shows a rather ignorant personality towards Lumpy Space Prince. However, this trait may only exist in Lumpy Space Princess's stories, as LSP herself has a very similar personality.

When her reality lost magic, Fionna lost all her memories of her adventurous life, becoming an ordinary human. She expressed great discontent in the world she now lived in, seeing it as boring and desiring something more. This resulted in her becoming jaded and depressed over this period of time. She had many jobs but hated every single one of them, often getting herself fired. The only time Fionna ever expressed any sort of enjoyment in her non-magic reality was when she was with her friends, though that may have only been to save face with them as she still felt sadness on the inside, something she didn't always hide when she was around them. Fionna appears to also have developed quite a taste for sugar, as stated by herself she has “no impulse control”.

Upon landing in the Land of Ooo, she was excited to be in a world of magic and yearned to explore. Despite losing her memories of her previous life, Fionna still retains her love for adventure, finding it to be natural. She also has a strong attachment to having freewill, as she heavily disliked the idea of having to return to her reality while it still lacked magic. After seeing what her world was previously like, she was excited and wished to reclaim such wonder by traveling on an adventure. It is shown during her interactions with Simon that Fionna is a romantic at heart, and seems genuinely enthralled by his retelling of how he and Betty met and fell in love.

Much like her male counterpart, Fionna is not without her flaws. While she retains Finn's heroic spirit and desire to help others, again much like Finn, she can be somewhat self-centered, deeply short-sighted, and irresponsible at times, which appears to be exacerbated or the result of her depression and lack of direction after being robbed of her original purpose and trapped in a mundane life. In such a state, she seems primarily concerned with her own troubles, and can be somewhat dismissive and apathetic toward others as a result. During a discussion of dreams and the meaning behind them, she brushes off everyone else's dreams but her own, emphasizing that only her dreams have any significant meaning to them. According to Gary and Marshall Lee, Fionna has a history of flaking on others and disappearing for periods of time, and it appears that Fionna frequently freeloads off the both of them. Unlike Finn, however, she is often very ill-equipped in combat and self-defense, having never been taught how to do so.

While traveling through the multiverse, Fionna initially viewed each universe and its denizens like a video game, and seemed completely indifferent to the impact her actions might have on them. She was also rather dismissive of Simon's advise and struggles until she got to know him better. Her excitement for adventure lead her to be extremely reckless and easily manipulated, leading her to cause damage across the multiverse and get multiple people killed, which eventually grows to haunt her. After being misled by the Winter King into injuring innocent people, and discovered she's actually rather ill-equipped when it comes to adventuring, Fionna starts to spiral into shame and self-doubt, which only worsens after arriving in the Vampire World and getting someone killed due to her recklessness, and more so after accidentally stranding herself, Cake and Simon in the Extinct World during a fight with Cake. The accumulation of these traumatic events leave Fionna seemingly traumatized and deeply guilt-ridden, leading her to make further reckless decisions, albeit out of fear rather than carelessness.

However, like most iterations of Finn, she is primarily driven by her kindness and desire to protect others, shown when she desperately tries to protect Cake from the Vampire King, and when she hides the Ice Crown to protect Simon from being cursed again after she gains an appreciation for Simon's trauma, showing that she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness and existence for Simon's sake. She later insists that Simon not put on the crown even in the face of total annihilation at the hands of Scarab, and stating her wish to fight for her world as it is, showing how much she wishes to be a force of good, rather than just being a hero for the sake of glory or violence. In these moments, she shows a capacity for introspection, self-reflection and empathy, even though she still struggles to think things through.



S3e9 FistBump

Fionna and Cake fist pound.

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As housemates, adopted sisters, and best friends, Fionna and Cake share a very deep and strong bond. Having been raised together by Cake's parents, the duo share a relationship similar to that of siblings, with Cake watching over Fionna and giving her advice constantly as her older sister. Though they have an unconditional love for each other, Fionna can get frustrated with Cake because of her pushiness, shown especially in "Fionna and Cake." Though she sometimes leads Fionna down the wrong path, Cake genuinely means well for her companion and is usually an encouraging and protecting figure. It is shown in the Card Wars comics that the two would go to great lengths for each other, despite the fact that Cake initially ignored Fionna (to train for the Card Wars tournament- similar to her counterpart, Jake.) to study for the competition.

During the Fionna and Cake miniseries, Fionna is just as loving towards Cake, even when she was a mundane house cat, as shown with how much Fionna worries over Cake when she appeared to be sick. However, a key difference in their relationship (possibly a result of their world being rewritten without magic) is that due to not being raised as sisters, Cake and Fionna's relationship isn't quite as close as Jake and Finn's, with Cake remarking that she views Fionna more like a clumsy roommate, and Fionna being used to Cake as her pet. Cake appears to be much less patient with Fionna than Jake is with Finn, even screaming at her when she's mad at Fionna. However, this does not take away her love of Fionna, as she is quick to get over her anger to protect her friend.

During the mini-series, their friendship is tested. After Fionna loses confidence in herself while traveling the multiverse due being disillusioned from the realities of adventuring, and after hurting or failing innocent people, and as Cake grows more accustom to being her own person and feels valued as a person and a fighter (having felt powerless as a normal non-magical house cat), the two come to heads when Fionna forcibly transports herself and Cake (and Simon) away from a battle against Cake's wishes out of fear for Cake's life, and in the process accidentally breaks Prismo's remote and strands them in the Extinct World. Bitter that Fionna for seemingly still treating her like a mundane house cat, and upset at her for trapping them in a lifeless universe, Cake lashes out at Fionna, while Fionna is breaks down over the accumulated guilt and stress. The two reach an understanding after Fionna presents the Ice Crown she found, and expresses her fears of others getting hurt because of her and guilt over letting Simon be cursed for her and Cake's sake, and Cake expresses that she finally feels like herself now that she's magical again and fears the loss of identity and autonomy.

Lord Monochromicorn[]

S3e9 Lord Monochromicorn arrives

As the trusted steed of her crush Prince Gumball and the boyfriend of her best friend Cake, Fionna and Lord Monochromicorn are on good terms and are well acquainted with each other.

Prince Gumball[]

Prince Gumball was Fionna's crush. Fionna gets flustered if Prince Gumball compliments Fionna on being "beautiful." She acts in such a way as when Finn was in love with Princess Bubblegum. Although throughout the Fionna and Cake episodes, she no longer has feelings for him, but only sees him as a friend.

Card Wars 4 Page 8

However, in the Card Wars comic series, it appears that Fionna still has feelings for Prince Gumball as she blushes several times. This continues until it is revealed that he is the Floop Master: and is on the verge of defeating Cake on a match of Card Wars. Fionna is surprised that he is the Floop Master, and Gumball tells her that the reason he never revealed his identity was because he didn't want to make her choose between Cake and himself. Fionna, however, says that that wasn't even a question and proceeds to help Cake win.

In Fionna and Cake, Fionna remains close friends with the "normal" version of Prince Gumball: Gary Prince, a pastry chef with dreams of having his own bakery. While it appears that Fionna frequently freeloads off of Gary, the two are rather close, with Gary being one of the first people Fionna turns to after Cake's disappearance. It is not clear if Fionna ever had a crush on Gary. She was amazed to find out he was originally a Candy Prince. After Fionna returns from traveling the multiverse, she is delighted to see that he and Marshall Lee had hooked up. He was initially skeptical of her story but came to believe the true nature of their universe and that it could be rewritten if Simon puts on the crown, he and Marshall begin to worry that their newfound relationship, and their memories of their human lives could be erased, which eventually leads Fionna to decide that she's happy with the world as it is.

Marshall Lee[]

S5e11 Fionna screaming

Fionna and Marshall Lee

Fionna and Marshall Lee are good friends. In "Fionna and Cake," Marshall gives Fionna the sign of horns at Prince Gumball's ball. In "Bad Little Boy," he fakes a fatal wound and tells her that he might die, so she should just admit that she's in love with him. Fionna responds, crying and angry that he would ask something like that at a moment like that, to which he reveals he is faking and is punched by Fionna.

In the Fionna and Cake Miniseries, Fionna and Marshall Lee remain close friends in the non-magical version of their reality, with this version of Marshall being an aspiring musicians, whose mother owns much of the property in the city, including Fionna's apartment. When Fionna is fired from her job, she asks Marshall to ask his mother to postpone her rent while she deals with vet bills (it's implied that she's asked these kinds of favors of Marshall in the past).

When Fionna returns to the city after travelling the multiverse, she is delighted to learn that he and Gary (Prince Gumball's human counterpart) had become a couple. After learning of the nature of their universe and that it could be rewritten if Simon puts on the crown, Marshall and Gary begin to worry that their newfound relationship, and their memories of their human lives could be erased, which eventually leads Fionna to decide that she's happy with the world as it is.

Lumpy Space Prince[]

Fionna has a good relationship with Lumpy Space Prince. He doesn't interact directly with her until "The Prince Who Wanted Everything," but appeared in the two previous Fionna and Cake episodes, 1 with only a single line and the other with no lines at all. In the episode, Fionna helped him adjust to a normal life after running away from home, and assisted him in defeating his monstrous parents. While dancing, Fionna becomes entranced by his "handsome spell" and called him "pretty," which Lumpy Space Prince reacts by pushing her away, stating that they would never marry. Later, when the prince's monster parents arrived, Lumpy Space Prince apprised her that it was then his end, and asked if she made her proud, to which Fionna replies that she did not care. It was unknown if this means that Fionna actually does not care about the prince at all, but after his parents' defeat, Fionna becomes enticed by his "hotness" again and served him dinner with Cake.

In the Fionna and Cake Miniseries, Fionna meets Lumpy Space Prince's human counterpart: Ellis P. when she is introduced to him via Marshall Lee's recommendation when she lacks the money to take Cake to a vet. Ellis, fashioning himself as an animal whisperer, "speaks" on Cake's behalf to Fionna. After Cake runs off and disappears, Ellis starts squatting in Fionna's apartment.

Flame Prince[]

Although Fionna seems to have some attraction toward Flame Prince in the Fionna and Cake comics, in "Five Short Tables," Fionna expresses either fear or nervousness when she sees him in the library. It can be assumed she was once in a relationship with him, but it ended up in a bad breakup, similar to Finn and Flame Princess's relationship, and that unlike their gender-swapped counterparts, they are not on good terms. In the miniseries, Fionna is similarly on poor terms with Flame Prince's human counterpart: DJ Flame, after a similarly upsetting breakup.


Fionna meets Hunter the human, male counterpart of Huntress Wizard during the events of the Fionna and Cake miniseries, while looking for alternative ways to treat Cake when she seemed sick and Fionna was unable to afford vet bills. While Hunter was friendly and earnest with Fionna, eager to show her around the park, the two have a rocky start due to Fionna being preoccupied with her worries over Cake.

Hunter would later make an appearance when Fionna returned from her travels across the multiverse, assisting her in containing the mini-Scarabs when they followed her back into her world. He later helps Fionna gather survivors when Scarab reconstituted and started deleting her universe. After Scarab is neutralized, Hunter and Fionna seem to have become friends, with Fionna assisting him in planting flowers in the park. It is not clear if their relationship mirrors the one between Finn and Huntress Wizard.


In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, it was revealed that Fionna and Cake were in actuality created by Prismo who became interested in creating his own reality rather than making ones based on others wishes.

During "Prismo the Wishmaster", Fionna meets Prismo for the first time, after she found her way to Ooo after a depressed Simon's ritual. He summoned her and Cake to the Time Room, where she was confused on his identity and asked for permission to leave. She called him a bully, when he sprayed Cake and demanded answers on who he was, where she was, and what was going on. The Cosmic Entity responded by giving his name and explaining that her world was a creation of his and showed Fionna what her world was like with magic, much to her amazement. She then questioned why it was rendered magic-less, as he realized it was because of Simon losing his own magic (as her world was stored in Ice King's head). He tried to send her back to her reality, because of the rules against unauthorized universes and because the threat of Scarab. However, she refused, as she wanted to have the adventure she always wanted and ran away. When Scarab discovered them and prepared to destroy them, Prismo rebelled and helped them escaped, after realizing they deserve a chance to live.

In “Cheers”, Prismo discovers Scarab destroy her universes and sends Fionna help in the form of the friends she made in her travel. He was very pleased to find out her universe was now authorized and took to monitoring it.

Simon Petrikov[]

Simon then going by Ice King was obsessed with Fionna and created what seemed to be a fan fiction of her. Ice King would write stories of her adventures and even wrote lines that imply Fionna was in love with him, which earned disturbed remarks from others for it. Ice King also wanted to make Fionna real but would fail miserably.

During the Fionna and Cake series, now back to being himself again. Simon desperately wanted nothing to do with a reminder of his insane past, including any association with Ice King's Fionna and Cake story, and grows to resent the books as people continue to attribute it to him, and seemed completely indifferent to him as a person. After accidentally summoning Cake and then her into his world in an attempt to reach Betty, Simon and Fionna met for the first time. As Simon was in the midst of a depressive spiral due to losing his supposed last chance to meet Betty. Simon and Fionna don't meet on the best terms, with Fionna being deeply freaked out by Simon's behavior and Simon believing she was a manifestation of Ice King's madness.

Fionna formally meets Simon after he was summoned to Prismo's Time Room, where she learns that her world is Prismo's creation and was stored in Ice King's mind, and was rendered non-magical after Ice King was reverted back to being Simon. Simon was shocked to discover she was real all along. Fionna is at first rather indifferent towards Simon, and after seeing footage of his time as Ice King, thinks that he seemed happier in that state, unaware of his trauma over being Ice King. Fionna was also initially dismissive of Simon's advice, either due to being carried away in her excitement, or due to not thinking much of him at all.

After he tries to cheer her up during a disastrous encounter with an alternate version of the Ice King (who she has mistaken for the Ice Prince of her dreams), Fionna quickly starts to warm up to him and take his advise more seriously. After learning of his history with Betty, and how miserable and how miserable he was as Ice King, she grew to genuinely appreciate Simon (after ended watching Simon’s time as Ice king in a VHS tape, she blushes when Simon comes back without the crown), and grows increasingly conflicted about letting him become cursed for her sake, going as far as to hide the crown she found until it seemed to be the only option left to them. She later insists Simon not put on the crown, even if it meant she and her universe were destroyed, showing that she valued Simon's life as much as her own. After Simon finds closure with Betty and returns to Ooo, and after Fionna's world was no longer under threat, the two would remain in touch via text, even when universes apart.

Ice Queen[]

Like their male counterparts, they have a long-standing feud due to the Ice Queen often kidnapping princes with Gumball being her usual victim. The Ice Queen despises Fionna for always standing in her way and derisively calls her a "tomboy." However, they seem to have a sort of affability for each other which is shown in "Five Short Tables" when Fionna offered her one of Cake's flapjack portraits that the Ice Queen briefly considered and even as they fought, Fionna complimented her fanfiction.

After the magic disappeared from their world, both women have forgotten their antagonistic relationship. Though in "Cake the Cat," they had a brief altercation when Fionna climbed into Ice Queen's cart searching for Cake and after being pulled out, Fionna kicked Ice Queen in the stomach.

Episode Appearances[]

Major Appearances[]

Minor Appearances[]


  • In the real world, Fionna was created by series character designer Natasha Allegri in a series of web comics and drawings.
  • "Fionna" is also the nominative plural of the Irish language word "fionn", which means "blonde" or "fair-colored".
  • Similar to how Finn had a crush on Princess Bubblegum, it is revealed in many portraits posted that Fionna had a crush on Prince Gumball.
  • Despite Fionna holding her swords in her left hand in artwork and favoring her left hand when using her sword in "Fionna and Cake" she used her right hand exclusively in "The Prince Who Wanted Everything."
  • Natasha Allegri stated that the dress she designed for Fionna is based off Princess Serenity's dress from the anime Sailor Moon.
  • A skull wearing her hat is shown in "Beautopia" shown above the decaying corpse of a cat.
  • Fionna is strong enough to lift and hold Prince Gumball, similar to how Finn can lift up Princess Bubblegum.
  • In Fionna's description on the Cartoon Network website, she is referred to as an alternate version of Finn, rather than a fanfiction character.
  • In the Fionna and Cake comic, Fionna has one of Finn's swords, although, Fionna has only been seen using the Crystal Sword and Kitty Litter Sword.
  • She was briefly mentioned in "King Worm" when the Ice King was in trouble and mistakenly used the gender-swapped names when asking Finn and Jake for help.
  • In the Norwegian Dub, Fionna's name was changed to Linn.
  • When Natasha Allegri draws Fionna, she leaves the button on her backpack white. Although, on Finn's backpack, it is green.
  • When Natasha Allegri draws Fionna in the comic, she sometimes doesn't draw the lines on her socks.
  • In "Bad Little Boy," the cover of the Fionna and Cake book spelled Fionna with only one N.
  • In the French dub of Adventure Time, Fionna is voiced by the same actress who voices her male counterpart, Finn.
  • At the end of the credits for Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, the screen that shows Finn and the Ice King facing each other fades into a screen of Fionna and the Ice Queen facing each other in the same position.
  • In Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! Fionna has buck teeth possibly to add to her rabbit theme.
  • Lumpy Space Princess' version of Fionna is an "adolescent" (meaning between the of ages of 13-19) according to the song Lumpy Space Prince sings.
  • In the Adventure Time sequel series "Fionna & Cake", it's revealed that Fionna's last name is Campbell, similar to how Finn's biological mother, Minerva's last name is Campbell.
    • This reflects how Finn's last name is Mertens, which is his father's last name.
  • She has met two versions of her counterpart Finn: Farmworld Finn and Baby Finn.
  • Fionna's top three fantasies are hearing Cake talk, finding a kingdom made of candy, and becoming huge.
    • By the finale, she has accomplished all of her fantasies.

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