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"Finn the Human" is the first episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and fifth episode overall.


Finn and Jake chase the Lich through a dimensional portal where they meet Prismo, who tells them that the Lich wished for the extinction of all life. This leads Finn to wish that the Lich "never even ever existed."[2] and the creation of the Farmworld reality.


After being pulled into the portal, Finn and Jake follow the Lich into Prismo's in a Pickle Wagon. They arrive just in time to see the Lich vanish after making his wish which was the extinction of all life. After a short conversation with Prismo, Finn wishes that the Lich had never existed and is promptly transported into the reality created by his wish.

After being called in by his mother, who is holding a baby, Farmworld Finn is told to go into town and sell their mule Bartram. Farmworld Finn protests, but his mother insists. He follows her gaze out the window to see his father being pushed around by members of the "Destiny Gang." He is seen next talking to Bartram trying to comfort himself when he notices the mule is missing. He wanders a little ways to find Bartram in a tree. While going to get him down, he falls into a hole covered by underbrush and Farmworld Jake follows him. Farmworld Finn looks up to see the skeleton of Simon Petrikov with the crown under a frozen bomb.

When he sees the Ice King's crown, he thinks to sell it instead of Bartram and goes to retrieve it. As he nears it, the decrepit Farmworld Marceline jumps out from behind the bomb with a gun. She tells him to back off and that he cannot have the crown. She then tells him of how Simon died when the great mushroom bomb was deployed. He used his ice magic to freeze the bomb but was crushed in the process. The crown, stricken with grief over the death of its master, then unleashed its power and froze the entire earth for 400 years. For 600 years, an aged and decrepit Farmworld Marceline has been guarding the crown to ensure it never harmed anyone again. 

After she finishes her story, Finn merely tells her that "none of that is true" and that "magic is fake." He tells her that she lost it while living in the cave and proceeds towards the crown. Farmworld Marceline then fires the gun but finds it is broken and does not harm Farmworld Finn. Farmworld Jake then distracts Farmworld Marceline while Finn grabs the crown. After Finn is gone, Marceline has an argument with the corpse of Simon (She tells herself the voice is not real: it is just in her head.) and she goes after the crown.

Now in the Junktown market, Farmworld Finn tries to sell the crown. A man says he will take it, but he has no money and offers to sing at Finn's house instead. Tromo, one of the destiny gang, takes the crown and gives it to Big Destiny, under the pretext that "property of old dead person go to Big Destiny" and refuses to give money to Finn. Finn realizes that the crown was not really his and moves on. Marceline, however, yells that the crown is hers and that she is half-demon. Destiny then tells Tromo to jack up Farmworld Marceline and Trami to take Bartram for dinner. Trami takes Bartram and runs up to their mansion with Destiny.

As Tromo is attacking Marceline, Farmworld Finn shoves his flute into his nose, and then Choose Bruce throws lettuce at him. Tromo then retreats into the mansion saying that Finn has made a big mistake. Farmworld Finn promises Farmworld Marceline that he will return the crown to her. Choose Bruce then gives Finn a sword for his mechanical arm to which Finn responds approvingly, stating that it "feels natural, like peeing outside."

He then runs up to the mansion and down the hall toward Bartram, but is tripped by Destiny. Farmworld Finn gets up and begins to sword fight with Destiny, but is knocked down. Finn demands his stuff back and Destiny gives it to him as his "last possession."

Destiny then shows Finn that he had his henchmen burn the market. Farmworld Finn grabs Bartram and the crown and runs into the market place. Choose Bruce is weeping and tells him to go save his family. On his way, he grabs Farmworld Marceline and pulls her up on Bartram. When he arrives at his house, the gang has already set it on fire (Destiny is somehow already there.) with his parents and infant brother trapped upstairs. Finn asks Marceline if the crown is magic and she tells him it is very dangerous magic. He then puts the crown on his head, and the power begins to flow through him.


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  • This is the first appearance of Prismo.
  • Marceline states she is half demon.
  • Finn's name in the Farmworld timeline is Finn Mertens. This is confirmed to be the case for the standard timeline as well in "Dentist."
  • It is confirmed that Billy has been killed by the Lich in this episode by Prismo, who states that the Lich is a "ghost wearing a dead guy." Billy's death is also confirmed in the season 5 finale, "Billy's Bucket List".
  • Despite the fact that she was wearing a wedding ring in the previous episode, Mrs. Mertens does not wear one in this episode.
  • At the end of the long preview, Farmworld Finn's face appears for a half second in spinning time card.
  • There are the numbers "81812" on a bus in Junktown, which is Santino Lascano's wedding date (August 18th, 2012) and a regular Easter Egg in the show.

Episode Connections[]

  • Marceline appears to be wearing the same boots and jeans she wore in her first appearance in "Evicted!."
  • This episode is a continuation of the end of "In Your Footsteps," and "The Lich." The plot of this episode is then continued and concluded in "Jake the Dog".
    • The previous episode, this episode and the next episode are all referenced in the season 7 episode "Crossover".
  • The house in which the Destiny Gang lives is very similar to the mansion featured in "The Creeps."
  • The cave that Farmworld Finn finds Marceline and Simon in somewhat resembles the abandoned subway that held the Lich's lair in "Mortal Folly."
  • This is the second three-part arc after "Mortal Folly," "Mortal Recoil" and "Too Young."
  • In the episode "King Worm," Finn looks in a mirror while in a dream and sees his Farmworld self while standing next to Jake and says "I'm pretty sure this is not normal."
  • In the episode "The Vault," after Shoko helps Princess Bubblegum build the Gumball Guardians, Princess Bubblegum gives Shoko a robotic arm, which is similar to Farmworld Finn's arm.
  • One of the dogs in Junktown is the same type of dog that appears in Finn's premonition dream in the previous episode, "The Lich." This, along with Farmworld Finn's appearance in "King Worm," could mean that Finn's dreams were regularly predicting the events of this episode.
  • The Lich's wish-altered reality serves as the main location for "Jerry" in the Fionna & Cake spin-off series.

Cultural References[]

  • The flashback where the Lich and shadow figures walk away from the exploding mushroom bomb is similar to the flashback in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind where the god warriors walk through a burning city.
  • The Mushroom War releasing magic into the world is similar to the backstory of Wizards.
  • The fleet of planes that Ice King saw flying in the sky were Boeing B-29 Superfortress planes. A B-29 Superfortress is a US-developed heavy bomber that is famous in WWII, primarily used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
  • The bomb that was seen in the episode resembles the real life "Fat Man" bomb. The Fat Man bomb is an US atomic bomb that destroyed Nagasaki and killed more than 100,000 Japanese.
  • The idea of Finn taking Bartram into town to sell him and getting the crown was most likely influenced by "Jack and the Beanstalk" when Jack's mother tells him to take their cow to the market to sell it. Also, both Finn and Jack end up with something magical that will change their lives forever.
  • The name of the Town that Finn visits shares its name with a post-war settlement from the 1997 Post-Apocalyptic video game Fallout.

Production Notes[]


  • The cut Finn had from "The Lich" was not seen when in Prismo's time room or the entrance.
  • While Marceline explains the events of the Farmworld timeline, the Lich is shown in front of the mushroom explosion cloud with a broken horn. The Lich shouldn't have its horn broken, as he wasn't defeated by Billy in this timeline.
  • When Marceline returns to the bomb, right before it explodes, the Ice King can be seen still wearing his crown even though the crown at that point is in Finn's possession.
  • There are continuity errors during the scene where Finn tries to sell Ice King's crown.
    • When everybody is applauding Big D, a blonde guy wearing a blue outfit is seen in two different places. After they're done applauding, another blonde guy wearing a green outfit is seen in two different places too.
    • Even though Farmworld Finn never told Farmworld Marceline his name, Marceline called him by his name right after Choose Bruce told Finn the Destiny Gang was going to set fire to his house.
      • She may have heard it while lying on the ground next to Finn as he screams his name at the Destiny gang as they ascend to the mansion.



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