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Finn and Jake's Epic Quest is a game on the Cartoon Network website. Finn and Jake wake up to find themselves in a Land of Ooo that has been turned into a video game by BMO. You must download and install Unity Web Player to play this game.


Beemo created a new video game for Finn and Jake, but they were too busy adventuring to play. So after they went to bed, Beemo vowed to prove that his videogame was as epic as any real-life quest by turning the entire Land of Ooo into a video game! And so, Finn and Jake must battle through worlds, defeat bosses, and find BMO in order to change everything back to normal.

Playable Characters[]

The player can change between Finn and Jake as long as this is within reach and available.

  • Finn: The fastest of the duo, with fast but weak attacks. Can dodge by tapping a movement key twice. Attacks with his sword:
  • Jake: The strongest of the duo, with strong but slow attacks. Can block attacks for reduced damage with the Block key. Attacks with his shape-shifted fist:
    • Level 1: Gauntlet
    • Level 3: Axe
    • Level 5: Spiked Mace
    • Level 7: Anvil
    • Level 9: Drill


  • Billy: Upgrades your weapons every odd level until level 9.
  • Choose Goose: Sells you rare Enchiridion pages for coins.
  • Doctor Princess: Fully heals you for 100 coins.
  • Key-per: Teaches you in-game basics on early levels. Gives out quests.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Reveals the effect of an unknown Enchiridion page for 50 coins.
  • Snail: Waves at you. Occasional quest objective.


  • Baby Pigs: Attack with their wands.
  • Beautiful Lady: Attacks you transformed as Hug Wolf and as Tree of Blight.
  • Brain Beast: Flail their tentacles at you. Shoots a brain wave that leaves you confused.
  • Candy Tavern People: Attack you with bombs and dynamite.
  • Candy Zombie: Bites you to transform you into a zombie.
  • Cookie Guy: Attacks you with punches and kicks.
  • Door Lord: This guy appears briefly and carries an equipment bag with Enchiridion pages.
  • Dr. J: He'll throw frozen crystals at you.
  • Dragons: Shoots Fire Blasts aggressively.
  • Flambits: Throws balls of fire at you. Fire Kingdom exclusive enemy.
  • Flame Guard: Attack you with flame tackles.
  • Ghosts: Hits you with its head. Can turn invisible and appear behind you.
  • Gnomes: Attack you at range with blast attacks.
  • Hand Snow Golem: Pelts you by throwing snowballs.
  • Hug Wolf: Hugs you. Press Attack repeatedly to free yourself.
  • Iceclops: He'll freeze you using ice beams.
  • Iron Owl: Charges at you with a chance to stun.
  • Jaybird: He'll throw crystal shards at you.
  • Lava Man: Attacks with a ground pound.
  • Mimic Monster: This creature may look like an ordinary treasure chest, but watch out!
  • Mr. Turtle: He prefers to get you with missiles and tackles.
  • Mushroom Creatures: Attack you with tackles.
  • Ogre: Punches and kicks you with a chance to stun.
  • Penguins: Attack you with slaps.
  • Penny: Careful of this little girl -- she steals Enchiridion pages.
  • Skeletons: Punch and kicks you. Land of the Dead exclusive enemy.
  • Snowman Priest: Throws snowballs at you.
  • Squirrel: Charges at you and attacks you viciously.
  • Tiny Goblin: Attacks you with tackles.
  • Tree of Blight: This grotesque tree spews balls of sludge.
  • Tree Witch: She sits on you. Press Attack repeatedly to free yourself.
  • Witch: Disables your attacks and attacks you with hexes.


  • Food: This can restore health if Finn and Jake have taken any damage.
  • Treasure: When an enemy is defeated, it often drops treasure. These coins also appear when a quest is completed. Treasure is helpful when interacting with certain characters. Getting knocked out by having your health fully depleted results in a loss of treasure. The treasure disappears after a short time, so be quick to pick up the treasure.
    • Bronze coin: Worth one coin.
    • Silver coin: Worth two coins.
    • Gold coin: Worth five coins.
    • Gem: Worth 20 to 50 coins.
  • Keys: These can unlock treasure chests. Some chests require a certain number of keys to be opened.
  • Enchiridion Pages: Grant spells that can be used. Be careful, though, some pages could backfire.
  • Artifacts: There are ten of these in all. These are required to finish the game. The artifacts can be found at levels 3, 6 and 8 in the Grasslands and the Fire Kingdom, and in the Land of the Dead, they can be found on levels 2, 4, 6 and 8.


There are certain environmental hazards around the levels which you should try to avoid. They reduce your health if you get caught in them.

  • Bear Trap: If Finn and Jake step on an open trap, it snaps shut, taking off a small portion of health. They reactivate after a few seconds.
  • Lava Puddles: Small puddles of lava strewn along the paths of the Fire Kingdom. If Finn and Jake step in a puddle, they start to yelp in pain and decrease their health slowly.
  • Water: Lakes of water sometimes occupy big, open areas. Finn and Jake's health will slowly drain away while they are in water. If you have Stilts or Floaties activated, you'll be able to wander around in water without losing health. There is a chance that these lakes will have Enchiridion pages floating above them or chests on small islands in the center.

Enchiridion Pages[]

Each page has a different mysterious power. In order to know what a page will do, you'll have to use it first. After you’ve used a page once, you’ll always be able to identify it. For a price of 50 coins, Princess Bubblegum can identify any unknown page for you. You can use another page (if you're able to) to end a spell early and replace it for the new spell.

  • Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant: The Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant is summoned and uses his powers to destroy the weakest enemies and damage the stronger enemies in the area.
  • Enemy: Spawns a random enemy.
  • Fancy Masks: Allows you to go near enemies without them attacking you. The spell ends automatically if your attacks hit an enemy.
  • Floaties: Allows you to float through bodies of water, moving faster and without losing health. You are also able to attack while in water.
  • Food: Spawns multiple kinds of food and Cyclops Tears to recover lost health. Watch out for bowls of mush. Those deplete your health a bit.
  • Gold: Spawns a small amount of gold coins for you to grab.
  • Golden Wings: Spawns Beauteous Wings on you and changes your attack for the ability to hover, allowing you to move faster, cross gaps and get to islands otherwise unreachable. You're unable to do any other actions during the duration of this spell.
  • Jake Armor: Changes Finn and Jake for Jakesuit, increasing the number of hits during a combo and power of your attacks.
  • Knife Storm: Summons a Knife Storm, which will damage enemies and you alike.
  • Lady Rainicorn: Ride on Lady Rainicorn's back to move faster in the air and get to islands otherwise unreachable. You're unable to do any other actions during the duration of this spell. The spell ends automatically if you take damage.
  • Level Up: When cast, you instantaneously gain a level.
  • Marceline: Marceline appears and plays some mean riffs on her bass. This makes nearby enemies dance, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
  • Neptr: Neptr joins you and starts throwing pies at enemies. This spell ends automatically if Neptr steps in the lava puddles.
  • Party God: Makes you invulnerable, run faster and defeat any enemy by contact. You're unable to do any other actions during the duration of this spell.
  • PB's Paintworks: Changes your regular attack for a three long-range rocket attack that causes heavy damage upon impact.
  • Randomizer: Jumbles up all spells.
  • Shadowcery: Summons a shadowy version of the character you're currently using, making nearby enemies attack it instead of you.
  • Spit Bubbles: The character starts spitting bubbles and leaves a watery trail on the ground, slowing down enemies that walk in it.
  • Stilts: Ride Jake using his Stretchy Powers to move faster and cross small gaps between islands. You're unable to do any other actions during the duration of this spell. The spell ends automatically if you take damage.
  • Throwing Stars: Changes your regular attack for long-range, regular-damaging ninja stars made of ice.
  • Treasure: Spawns a big amount of coins for you to grab.


There are a total of ten artifacts in the game. These have to be collected before moving onward to the next level.

  1. Lorraine the Chicken
  2. Gramophone
  3. Finn's Socks
  4. Pillow
  5. 20-Sided Die
  6. Game Controller
  7. Jake's Viola
  8. Pictures of Jake
  9. Clock
  10. Video Player


World 1: Grass Lands

  • Boss: Witch

World 2: Fire Kingdom

World 3: Land of the Dead

World 4: Ice Kingdom

World 5: Monster's Belly

  • Boss: Giant Bear

World 6: Candy Kingdom

  • Boss: Chief Candy Tavern Person

Last World: Farmworld


Back at the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake are confused and upset as of why Beemo turned the Land of Ooo into a video game, Beemo explains that Finn and Jake have not been spending time with him as of late and wished to play with them. At this, Finn realizes that video games are just as awesome as real-life adventures and promise to play with Beemo more often, while Jake learns to not make Beemo angry again.

Steam Version[]

The Adventure Time Facebook page announced on March 27, 2014 that the game would be released on the Steam platform with additional voice acting and enhanced graphics. The new version will add new abilities such as the Jakesuit, as well as the option to play as Fionna and Cake[1]


  • This is Adventure Time's first 3D computer game.
  • Nickelodeon Addicting Games was the first non-Time Warner source to carry this game, despite that it's not a Viacom game.
  • When you use the Cyclops tears, the sound that plays is like you are eating the tears.
  • Sometimes Billy could downgrade your weapons.
  • If you listen carefully to what Marceline plays, she is actually playing I'm Just Your Problem.


  • Marceline can also make bosses dance, so it's very useful on boss levels.
  • You can complete the game without all 10 artifacts, you only need to collect 4 to complete the game.
  • The Demon Blood Sword (Level 7) is powerful enough to beat bosses without using Enchiridion Spells.(It has the strength of Jake's Spike Mace).
  • Shadowcery can also trick bosses.
  • PB's Paintworks is very effective when using it to attack Death.
  • After the Squirrel attacks, he gets exhausted, leaving him open for an attack of your own.
  • When a Mimic Monster is defeated, it gives up a reasonable amount of treasure.
  • The Party God spell doesn't work on bosses. It just disappears when you are near them. This is because it will just instantly kill them.
  • PB's Paintworks is also useful to defeat the Mimic Monster.
  • Use some Enchiridion Pages that make money to complete the objective to jet 300 coins in level 8 of Grass Lands.