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A Finn Cake is special type of cupcake made by Finn. The cupcake resembles Finn's looks, and is also only allowed to be consumed by Finn himself. In the episode they first appear in, "In Your Footsteps", Finn tells Jake not to eat his Finn Cakes while Finn leaves to go pick up BMO from soccer. The bear eats the Finn Cakes after he leaves, which Jake assumes he does to try and set him up, so he films the bear eating them, so he can show the footage to Finn and convince him the bear is evil. But, when Finn comes home, he scolds Jake for filming the bear and not intervening.


Use chocolate cupcake mix or make chocolate cupcakes from scratch. Frost with vanilla frosting, use a small circle of fondant for Finn's face, and draw Finn's facial features on it with chocolate frosting. Use marshmallows for ears.


Finn Cakes are cupcakes that have Finn's face drawn on them with frosting. They also have a blue wrapper, resembling his blue shirt.

A massive Finn cake appeared at the end of "Seventeen."

A small, anthropomorphic Finn cake appears in the episode "Come Along With Me". It has arms and legs and is reading a book, specifically two pages one with a Finn face and another with a Fern face with the caption "Spot The Difference". It appears during the time where Finn, Fern, Princess Bubblegum, Gumbald, and Jake are in the hallucination caused by the Nightmare Juice.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Fern is the only character Finn allows to have the Finn cake, because Fern is Finn.
  • In "Together Again", Finn assumes Margaret's offer of treats are Finn Cakes, suggesting they were actually her invention and he learned the recipe.