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Finn & Bones is an online game on the Cartoon Network website. The player plays as Finn to rescue Jake from the underworld after Jake drinks water of forgetfulness given by a skeleton after Jake says he's thirsty. Finn & Bones wiki


Finn starts with a few items but gains three more after each level. One can equip various items and use potions. As the player gets items, one can combine the items to get new items. One can also improve his stats - Health, Attack, Defense and Luck.

Boost Items[]

Elixir of Life - Boosts HP

Elixir of Fortune - Boosts Luck

Elixir of Protection - Boosts Defense

Elixir of Power - Boosts Attack

Block of Ice - Makes shields stronger against ice & swords stronger against fire*

Burning Flame - Makes shields stronger against fire & swords stronger against ice*

(*Ice & Fire have no effect on the following weapons; Ax Bass & Sorcerer's Blade)


  • Skeleton guard - a basic, non-elemental enemy
  • Icy guard - a basic, ice-elemental enemy
  • Flame guard - a basic, fire-elemental enemy
  • Skeleton sentinel - a strong, non-elemental enemy
  • Blazing sentinel - a strong, fire-elemental enemy
  • Chilly sentinel - a strong, ice-elemental enemy
  • Snow Sentinel (Side Boss) - a strong, ice-elemental enemy
  • Underworld Sorcerer (Final Boss) - a strong, non-elemental enemy


  • Rock Family Tree - Mystery Badge: Find Little Rocky Jr. (150 Points)
  • Clash of Bones - Beat the first map (100 Points)
  • Chemistry 101 - Make a mix (100 Points)
  • Mix Master - Perform 100 mixes (150 Points)
  • Kiss of Death - Beat the final dungeon (200 Points)
  • Bare Bones Finn - Complete 10 dungeons without using any equipment (Unavailable)


  • The title is a play on the phrase "skin and bones."
    • It also makes a reference to the character Finn on the series Bones.
  • The badge "Bare Bones Finn" is no longer obtainable.
  • The snail is located at the next arrow of the "The End" title card.
    • There is an unused item in the game called the Snail Shell.
  • It is entirely possible to beat the game without mixing once.