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List of Outfits[]

Image Description Appearance
Finn's original outfit
Light blue short-sleeved shirt, dark blue shorts, rolled-down white socks, and black shoes. The hat is white with bear-like "ears", and covers almost all of Finn's head and neck except for his face. The backpack has a light green top half and a medium green lower half. This outfit is seen the most throughout the series. Most episodes
Same as Finn's most common outfit, except for a cream long-sleeved sweater. In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades", Finn wears the same sweater, along with a black headband. In the same episode, he briefly has his hat covering his mouth and nose to resemble a ninja mask. "Prisoners of Love"
"The Chamber of Frozen Blades"
Finn in PJ's
Fuzzy, scarlet-toned onesie with two stitches in the neck area. "Evicted!"
"The Eyes"
"Marceline's Closet"

"Daddy's Little Monster"
"Reign of Gunters"
"Little Dude" "Shh!"
"The Pajama War"

S1e25 Dr
Doctor outfit consisting of a white coat, a headlight, and a stethoscope. His Hero
Same as Finn's most common outfit, except for a pink long-sleeved sweater with a heart stitched into the upper left in light pink thread. Throughtout most of "Mortal Folly", Finn wears a gold headband with a light blue gem and The Gauntlet of the Hero Billy on his right hand along with the sweater. "Mortal Folly"
Black tuxedo, grey waistcoat, powder blue dress shirt, dark teal bowtie, brown gloves, and black dress shoes. Finn also wears a masquerade-style fox mask with a brown upper half and a tan lower half. "The Creeps"
Modelsheet finn inxmassweater withrims
Same as Finn's most common outfit, except for a dark blue Christmas sweater. The sweater has six red reindeer on it (two on the front with a red snowflake in between them, two on the back, also with a red snowflake in between them, and one on each sleeve), as well as five rows of green diamonds and red "X"s (two rows around each sleeve, one above the sleeves' respective reindeer and one below, and one around the sweater's bottom rim). Along with the sweater, Finn also wears a green scarf with thin black stripes. "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II"