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Finn's swords refer to the bladed weaponry that Finn uses throughout the series.

Main swords[]

These are the swords that Finn has used most often.

Name Basic Description Image


The Golden Sword of Battle (also known as Scarlet) is Finn's weapon of choice throughout most of seasons one and two. The blade is dented, chipped, and dirty. Its hilt is black with some worn leather grip-straps and a red gemstone in the pommel. In "Business Time", the Business Men polish and sharpen the sword, making this episode the only one in which the golden sword appears to be in excellent condition.

In "The Real You," the golden sword passes through the Bubble creator and becomes four-dimensional. When Finn uses the 4-D golden sword to attack the black hole he created, Finn's golden sword is sent into the Cotton Candy Forest by the explosion. Finn is without a sword until "Mystery Train", which could mean he lost it after the explosion.

4D Sword

Golden sword, 4-D version

In the video game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! this sword has a name, Scarlet and Jake refers to it as "she."

In real life, there is a toy version of the golden sword.

It is the sword Finn uses in the 2022 video game Multiversus.

Golden sword of battle

Root Sword

In "Mystery Train," Finn obtained the Root Sword (the name is non-canonical), which became his primary weapon. He finds the sword on the caboose of the train and uses it to attack The conductor. He next uses it against the Monster in the beginning of "Belly of the Beast". It is seen briefly in "Mortal Recoil," when Finn throws it at Ice King, "Conquest of Cuteness," and in "Jake vs. Me-Mow." After breaking the Finn Sword, he can be seen using it in "Normal Man" and "Elemental". It can be seen again in the Issue 1 (although the comics are non-canonical).

Finn keeps it in a makeshift pocket on the side of his backpack. The sword gets its name from its root like handle, that seems to be comprised of 2 main "roots" spiraled around one another. The actual blade is a slightly pinkish tone of silver, double sided, and in good condition with the exception of a small chip on one of the blade's sides.

Root Sword vertical

Demon blood Sword

The Demon Blood Sword (or simply demon sword) first appears in the episode "Dad's Dungeon," replacing the root sword as his main weapon from thereon. In the episode, Finn and Jake go to Joshua's dungeon to retrieve their family sword. At the end of the dungeon Finn finds it encased in locks and stone. He breaks it loose and uses it to fight the final monster of the dungeon. The sword is infused with demon blood, which causes Kee-Oth to sporadically appear and plead to Joshua (and later, Jake, thinking he's Joshua) for the return of his blood. The sword seems to be in great condition. Kee-Oth is easily banished away using the spell "Kee Oth Rama Pancake." This message is written behind the handle's wrapper. In "Return to the Nightosphere," Finn spins it in front of the blood mist cloud, and hits Marceline with it, thinking she is Hunson Abadeer. The sword also shows immunity to Marceline's blood mist cloud blasts. In "Daddy's Little Monster," Finn can be seen holding it throughout the video files on Jake's phone. In "Beyond this Earthly Realm," Finn uses it to slash one of the heads from The Dead One. In "Gotcha!" he uses it to save Lumpy Space Princess from the Mirror Finns. It also appeared in "All the Little People" and "Puhoy." In "Vault of Bones" it is shown to be fire-immune. Finn reluctantly broke it in the episode "Play Date" and released the blood inside. In "The Pit" Finn has a duplicate of the demon blood sword made from frozen grape juice, blessed by Shelby. It is used to trick Kee-Oth into killing himself.

Из крови меч

Grass Sword

The Grass Sword first appears in the episode "Blade of Grass," where it comes to replace the broken demon sword. Finn buys the grass sword for three dollars from the Grassy Wizard. Finn discovers that the sword is cursed when it begins following him around and tries to bind to his body. When he accepts the sword's curse, he gains greater control over its abilities. Finn wore it around his arm and could extend it into a sword at his will. It ultimately ripped off Finn's right arm when it tried to save him from the Citadel in pursuit of his father Martin and some of the multiverse's worst criminals. When Finn's arm grew back in "Breezy," his new arm was actually one made of grass hidden under his skin. His grass arm has the ability to burst through his skin and control itself like the grass sword. The Grass Sword can no longer be used as it took control over and manipulated the Finn Sword to make the character Fern. A reaction to when Finn tried to regain control over it so it would not kill a beloved character.

Grass Sword

Finn Sword

The Finn Sword is a sword that Finn obtains in "Is That You?" It replaces the grass sword. The sword is created when Finn prevents himself from waking up Jake to save Prismo. However, it is first seen in "Breezy" when Finn imagines Princess Bubblegum holding it. This sword appears to have the spirit of the version of himself that he stopped in "Is That You?" inside, and while Finn uses this sword, his physical attributes (strength, agility, etc.) are doubled. In "Dentist," it is seen cutting through giant worms with ease, suggesting it is quite sharp and durable. The Finn Sword can no longer be used as it combined with the Grass Sword to make Fern. After Fern's destruction in Come Along With Me, his remains take the form of a seed shaped like the Finn Sword. That night, Finn and Jake plant the seedling together, which causes a massive new tree to sprout with a remade Finn Sword lodged in the top. Many years later into the distant future, Shermy and Beth find the sword on the top of the tree. Finn Sword (vertical)

Small Sword

The Small Sword is a patton-like sword that Finn is first seen using in "Do No Harm", when, using it, he tried to wake Susan up from her coma. The small sword Finn uses looks very similar to Rattleballs's sword. The blade is very thin and is meant to be a weapon used to stab, although it is capable of slashing if needed. After the formation of Fern, Finn can no longer use his Grass Sword or Finn Sword, however why Finn chose to discontinue his usage of the Root Sword is unknown. This sword makes further appearances in Elements suggesting that the Small sword may be Finn's preferred weapon, currently. The sword is then used by Sweet P to destroy the Farmworld Lich's hand. Shortly after, the sword was irreparably damaged during Finn's fight with the Grumbo. Finn's Smallsword

Night Sword

The Night Sword was created by Peppermint Butler in "Marcy & Hunson." He gave it to Finn to protect himself from, Princess Bubblegum's family. It is said to be very powerful, as it contains dark magic from the Nightosphere. It has shown to be quite durable against attacks, and can shackle/negate the powers of other beings. It has a demonic eyeball and a compass in the middle of it. A thousand years into the future, it is in the possession of a giant, bearded Sweet P. A grey version of this sword is foreshadowed a few episodes earlier in the background cameo of the treehouse.
Night sword

Minor swords[]

These are the swords Finn has kept at the Tree Fort.

Name Basic Description Image

Steel Sword

In the episode "Morituri Te Salutamus," Finn picks up a steel sword during his first battle in the Fight King's arena; it is similar to his original gold sword. The hilt has a leather grip and the pommel has a purple gemstone with a tiny pink gemstone slit in the center. The sword itself is in very good condition. It is later seen again in the episode "Still." In "Something Big," Finn uses this sword to defeat Darren. Steel Sword

Aromatherapy Sword

In "Slow Love", there is a pink jewel sword, with a hilt that is pointed on both sides and a pink gem on the bottom. The sword is seen slicing Finn's bed in half, but Finn has not been seen using it himself. In "Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook", it is revealed this sword is called the Aromatherapy sword. The pink jewel is actually a scented-oil diffuser which stuns opponents. Pink Jewel Sword


Finn has two golden wakizashi in the episode "Slow Love." They are used by Finn when he teaches Snorlock to do sword tricks. Wakizashi

Loot swords

Various swords, daggers and other weapons can be found scattered throughout Finn and Jake's Tree Fort; though, they are never seen used by Finn. Loot Swords

Frozen sword

In "Fionna and Cake" Finn is frozen in an ice cube and holding a sword that appears similar to his golden sword but without the red gem in the pommel.
Frozen sword

CG sword

In the episode "A Glitch is a Glitch", Finn uses a sword like his golden sword but with the coloration of the sword in the logo. CG Sword

Temporary swords[]

These are the swords Finn had temporarily used or imagined.

Name Basic Description Image

Sword of the Dead

Finn wields the Sword of the Dead to defeat Marceline's father in "It Came from the Nightosphere." Finn draws the sword from the Grass Lands before his battle and slits open the pods in Hunson Abadeer's gullet, which he is using to imprison the souls of Ooo. Finn drops the sword while reciting the incantation to open a portal to the Nightosphere. AdventureTimeSword07

Dual swords

While Finn is under the "control" of Fight King in the episode "Morituri Te Salutamus," he fights with dual swords that look like a single sword that was completely split apart from the tip of the blade to the pommel. When Finn is forced to fight Jake, he only uses one of them. Dual Swords

Crystal Sword

In "Mortal Folly" when Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and Jake meditate, Finn is grown up in his imagination. The imaginary Finn has a new crystal sword in a back scabbard. This sword makes another appearance in an issue of the comic series, which isn't canon. Adult Finn

Dungeon Sword

In "Dungeon," Finn uses a sword he found in the dungeon to fight off eye creatures, but the fiery creatures melt it shortly before Princess Bubblegum rescues Finn and Jake.
Dungeon Sword

City of Thieves sai

Finn steals two sai in the episode "City of Thieves," but they are taken by two angels at the end. City of Thieves sai

Yellow dagger

Finn picks up a twisted, yellow dagger outside the windmill when he and Jake approach the "monster" in the episode "The Monster." It resembles a kris, an Indonesian dagger considered to possess magical powers. A fat villager was later seen wielding a similar dagger. Yellow Dagger

Shark Sword

In "King Worm", Finn imagined a sword that he planned to use to blast a hole in the wall. However, Finn never got to use it because he thought about a shark trying to bite off his face and unintentionally changed the sword's blade into one. This sword appears to have a hilt similar to the one in the logo. Shark sword after

Arm sword

Farmworld Finn uses a blade that locks into his mechanical arm after taking the hand off in "Finn the Human." He receives it from Choose Bruce and uses it to fight the Destiny Gang. It is later discarded. Arm Sword

Lightning Sword

Finn uses a lightning bolt-shaped sword that can shoot lightning in the episode "Dungeon Train." He gets it as loot from the first monster he encounters and uses it to destroy the blue Crystal Ants.
Lightning Sword

Grape Sword

In the episode "The Pit," Finn freezes some grape juice in the shape of his old Demon Sword and has Shelby bless it. When the demon Kee-Oth sucks the juice into his body, he explodes. The only noticeable difference from the Demon Sword is its color; the grape sword is reddish purple, whereas the Demon Sword is bright red. Grape Juice Sword

Stake Sword

In the episode "Everything Stays", Finn prepares to fight Vampires by arming himself with a stake sword from Peppermint Butler's Stakes Collection. Throughout the Stakes miniseries, Finn wields this stake sword as if it were a regular sword.
Stake Sword

Flame Sword

In the miniseries "Elements", Finn gains this sword in the flame kingdom, which he uses until he's cured of his flame form.

Comic swords[]

These are the swords Finn has used only in the comics/graphic novels.

Name Basic Description Image

Lich Land Prize Sword

Finn receives this sword as a prize for defeating The Lich's Dungeon "Lich Land". It is seen in a flashback during Issue 32

Elderly Finn's Sword

Finn has memory loss and wakes up in the "future" with this sword in Issue 33. The sword is last seen in Issue 34.
Elderly Finn Sword

Sword of Lun

In Issue 36 Finn finds the Sword of Lun on the moon. When wielded the wielder can use it to shoot lasers. If the wielder is harmed in any way they can no longer shoot lasers. Finn abandons the sword in Issue 39 after learning there was a ghost sealed in it. The Sword was actually a weapon created by Lun, in order to kill the other Cosmic Elementals- which penelope later does in the far future.
Blade of the Defender

Blue Eyed Sword

In Issue 66 Finn has the sword, but Princess Bubblegum tells him he wont need it so he throws it out.
Blue Eyed Sword

Candy Sword

In Issue 67 Princess Bubblegum gives it to Finn as replacement for the Blue Eyed Sword, she had him throw away.
Candy Sword

Simple Sword

In Issue 71 to Issue 72, Finn is seen using this simple sword. It's similar in appearance to the CG Sword, and the Sword Challenge Swords.
Simple Sword

Simple Sword 2

In Issue 73, Finn has a different Simple Sword. This new Simple sword doesn't have as much damage as the original and has a slightly different handle and blade tip. It's even closer in design to the Sword Challenge Sword.
Simple Sword 2

Sword Challenge Sword

In Issue 71, Finn and Jake play a Adventure Town game called Sword Challenge, were they borrow the swords and fight fake monsters. Though it is similar to Finn's Simple Sword, it dings and announces that the holder is a winner, when they win the Sword Challange.
Sword Challange

Balloon Sword

In Issue 71, Finn and Jake get jump scared by Maggee, so Finn wields the closest sword, a Balloon Sword.
Balloon Sword

Dimensional Sword

In Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon #4, Finn is given the sword by Princess Bubblegum, to help assist Marceline and Simon in saving Simon by Saving Betty from Golb. The sword has a Crystal like appearance, it was forged from every known element from each Dimension. In the comic it is used to go to the Crystal Dimension, Pillow World, Lumpy Space, Mars, Time Room, The Anti-verse, and several unnamed dimensions. DimensionalSword

Candy Cane Sword

In Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon #4, Finn is seen with this Candy Cane looking sword for one page, he never uses it, and soon after is given the Dimensional sword.

Ribbon Sword

In Adventure Time: Season 11 #4, Finn is seen fighting with the Sword, that appears as only a handle but grows ribbons that combine into a sword.
Ribbon Sword


  • The sword in the Adventure Time logo has never been used, other than in the promo video. However, a version of it was imagined by Finn while dreaming in "King Worm."
  • The yellow twisted dagger Finn used looks similar to Me-Mow's dagger.
  • In the collector's edition of the game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, there is a stylus resembling Finn's golden sword.
  • This design of the golden sword is the basis for the 24-inch toy version of Finn's sword, which is labeled as "Finn's Golden Sword of Battle."
  • Finn doesn't use any swords on the animated short. However, a sword can be seen on the logo of the animation.
  • Tony Swatton, a professional blacksmith of the Man at Arms YouTube channel, created a real-life replica of Finn's golden sword.[1]
  • In the online game Finn & Bones, most of the swords discovered as treasure are based upon minor swords; "Finn's Sword" resembles Scarlet (with the jewel colored depending on what has been infused with it), the "Steel Blade" is similar to the Steel sword, and the "Ninja Sword" is depicted as a golden wakizashi similar to those seen in episode "Slow Love."
  • All of Finn's main swords can be used in the video game LEGO Dimensions as part of Finn's weapon switching ability.
  • So far the Night Sword is the only one out of finn's main swords to not be featured in any video games.
  • Sword of the Dead is called Soul Redeemer Sword in Bloons Adventure Time TD


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