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Finn's pack is a green backpack that Finn wears during his adventures through the Land of Ooo. In addition to containing basic adventuring gear, Finn's pack often doubles as a seat for smaller characters so that they do not need to walk. After his original pack is destroyed in "Mortal Folly," Finn gets a new backpack in "Mortal Recoil" made by Raggedy Princess and other princesses.


The pack is round and green, with a lighter green flap that unzips along the top. It's somewhat elastic in that it is capable of expanding slightly and has a large carrying capacity, as it was able to hold all of Stanley's family (with the exception of the four marshmallows and a watermelon). Recently, there seems to have been a strap added to the pack which was used to hold Finn's Root Sword or Demon Sword.

In Skyhooks II, after it’s been turned into candy, it’s an ice cream cone with a yellow scoop of unknown flavor and the shoulder straps are rows of green gumballs.


Finn is almost always wearing his pack while adventuring, dancing, playing video games and even swimming. He occasionally goes to bed while still wearing it. The pack appears in the opening sequence and is worn in almost every episode.

Episodes in which Finn does not wear his pack[]

Characters who have sat on or been in Finn's pack[]


Finn's pack is known to contain, or to have contained, the following objects:


Finn's pack has been completely destroyed twice:

  • "Mortal Folly" (pack c; first complete destruction of the pack by the king lich's guard)
  • "Mortal Recoil" (pack torn apart by the risen undead; although Raggedy Princess brings Finn a brand new backpack made by her and other princesses that seems to look exactly like his old one, in true the pieces are take back all in the crime scene "the king lich's lair")

Finn's pack has been otherwise damaged in four episodes:


  • In "Belly of the Beast," Finn's pack has, for the first time, a strap to hold the Root Sword. Traditionally, his Gold Sword was either put into the pack or held against his back between the pack and him. The strap appears to be an addition to the pack, as it is made of a different color material than the bag and poorly stitched. The strap disappears upon entering the Monster.
  • Because his pack was destroyed in "Mortal Folly," Raggedy Princess brings Finn a new pack at the start of "Mortal Recoil." This is the only known occurrence of Finn's pack's simply being replaced, rather than repaired. It is worth mentioning that this new pack appears to be weaker than Finn's old pack, as it becomes badly torn after Finn is thrown through a wall. (A similar event did no harm to the previous pack.)
  • Finn's pack may have been also been destroyed in "Wizard," although it is unclear whether Finn was wearing the pack underneath his wizard robes when the meteor exploded.
  • Finn's gender-swapped counterpart Fionna has the same type of pack.
  • In a few of the episodes, Finn is seen using a corded telephone that is connected to the inside of the pack.
  • In the MAD skit, "Malcolm in the Middle Earth," Finn's clothes and backpack colors are switched.
  • A real version of Finn's backpack is available on the Spencer Gifts website.
  • Unlike Finn's hat (which has been in almost every episode) there has been many times where Finn does not wear his pack for the entire episode.