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Finn is first shown to have a crossbow in the first episode of season three, "Conquest of Cuteness." He was going to use it if the Cuties turned out to be a threat to him.

A different crossbow is shown in "The New Frontier." The crossbow appears to be the same one that Finn stole from Crossbow Guy in the City of Thieves; they look exactly the same. Finn lights an arrow's tip on fire and prepares a "warning shot" aimed at Banana Man to make him want to move far away so that Jake's Croak Dream wouldn't come true.

Finn fires the arrow at Banana Man and after a series of harmless bounces inside his house the arrow flies out the window and lands right next to Finn again, still intact and aflame. Finn tries once more and achieves the same result but the arrow flies over Banana Man's house into the woods. Finn then states that the arrow was his only one and to try another warning shot he and Jake would need to retrieve the arrow, which they never do.


Both crossbows have a similar shape and both have a cocking stirrup on the front. However, the crossbow in "Conquest of Cuteness" is made of metal and dark wood, whereas the one from "The New Frontier" is made only from a lighter wood, except for the metal stirrup.