This article is about Farmworld Finn's father. You may be looking for Finn's biological father in Ooo or Finn's adoptive dad, Joshua.

Farmworld Martin, referred to as Finn's dad, is an alternate version of Finn's biological father, Martin, who appears in the season 5 premiere "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog." He is one of the few named characters who lives in Farmworld.


Farmworld Martin appears to be a normal human being with peach-colored skin. He wears torn up blue jumpers, an old long-sleeved red shirt, and an old pair of black boots. He has a bald head with one curly hair on the top and a shaggy light brown beard which covers his mouth and loops behind his ears, similar to Martin. He also appears to be a bit muscular and is much thinner than Martin.

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  • He was involved with the Destiny Gang somehow, which is why Finn is trying to sell Bartram to pay them.


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