Finn's Best Party is a party thrown by the Bear in "In Your Footsteps," while he was impersonating Finn. The Bear made flyers to inform people about the party. The partygoers were Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Jake, and many Candy People. The party appeared to consist of dancing, and the Bear also fed Princess Bubblegum peanuts so he could prevent her from choking on them like Finn did for him.

Finn thought the Bear was trying to steal his identity, so he walked through the crowd to remove the Bear's Finn mask. After Finn took the mask off and told the Bear what he was doing was "not cool," the bear tearfully left the party. Princess Bubblegum then informed Finn that nobody actually thought the Bear was him, and this caused Finn to follow the Bear's path into the woods to apologize.

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