"Finale: Refusing to Refuse" is a song in the video game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! It was composed by Jake Kaufman and sung by Tommy Pedrini.

The music plays during the end credits.


Together you did it
You got your garbage back
You learned a bunch of songs
You traveled around the whole world
Refusing to refuse
You showed everybody you're a hero
Don't matter what gets in our way
I know we can count on each other
Together we'll save the day
And we got the trash to show it
Don't throw it away
Don't matter what stands in our path
I know we can totally beat it
Together we'll do the math
And if anyone disagrees they can take it up with my fist
Gotta say the Ice King went too far
But hey I'm glad he did
That party was hopping
And then you got help from your friends
Lady Rainicorn and PB were so awesome
Don't matter what's making us frown
I know we'll look out for each other
Keep flying above the ground
And we'll teach the Ice King a lesson
Don't mess with our stuff
Don't matter what comes in the mail
We'll answer it promptly like gentlemen
And even if we might fail
It's enough that we tried
Naw, just kidding. We're gonna win
Don't matter what's up or who's out
We'll both go to bat for each other
Together we'll get around
Doesn't matter what land or whose lair
We are gonna be there
Don't matter who's being a butt
Our friendship is stronger than any butt
I know that no matter what
If a problem comes up, we got it
Even if we make LSP sad
Even if we see Marceline's dad
Even if a guy's heart can turn bad
Even if the whole world has gone mad
Even if the whole world has gone mad

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